Sony Reportedly Ruined Marvel’s Original Plan For Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

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If Sony didn’t go off to create their own universe, there’s a good chance that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would’ve met Venom already.

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After agreeing to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, Marvel had some ambitious plans for Spidey, as he was one of the most popular super heroes for a reason. With a plethora of comic material, Jon Watts and Kevin Feige created some amazing stories for the web-slinger, but they might have had to change course halfway through.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) was released right after Captain America: Civil War (2016), but Sony decided they wanted to make more movies about Spider-Man’s villains which led to Tom Hardy starring in Venom (2018) as the infamous Eddie Brock/Venom. As a symbiote, Venom is quite dangerous and has always been a constant rival of Spider-Man since the two characters usually knew each other from working at the daily bugle together.

Andrew Garfield (left), Tom Holland (middle), and Tobey Maguire (right)
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In some comics, Venom attaches himself to Spider-Man instead of Eddie Brock due to the super hero’s powers. This never goes well for Venom because Spider-Man always fights to get rid of the black suit in the end due to what the symbiote does to him.

According to Heavy Spoilers, if Sony never made Venom (2018), the symbiote would have been in the MCU already. Marvel Studios had to delay plans to introduce the symbiote into the MCU. Even after Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) showed that a part of Tom Hardy’s Venom symbiote is in the MCU, Marvel wants to wait to bring Venom into the MCU.

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Spider-Man 4 will reportedly be a more grounded story which makes sense since fans haven’t seen Holland’s Spidey work in New York City to save people as much as he has tried to save the world or himself from danger. This move might also be in effect so that Tom Hardy’s Venom trilogy could be finished before introducing a new Venom and avoid any confusion from fans who don’t know that the two movies aren’t in the same universe.

Marvel has a tricky road ahead of them if they want to bring Venom into the MCU because whatever they decide to do, relies on Sony’s approval meaning that the company could refuse to allow any appearance of Venom in the MCU not happen.

Do you think we will see Venom and Spider-Man in the same movie? 

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