Disney Fans Confused About MagicBand+ Battery Life and Features

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In October, the Disneyland Resort received a much-needed upgrade with MagicBand+. Though some disagreed with how Disneyland had handled the arrival of this wearable technology, others were glad to see that it was there at all, instead of just exclusively at the Walt Disney World Resort.

However, with the rollout of MagicBand+, some users are trying to figure out how certain functions work, such as turning it on and off, checking battery levels, and syncing it to light up at certain attractions and entertainment at the Park.

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Reddit user nortonluboff is one of these curious MagicBand+ owners, who asked the Disneyland Reddit community about this very thing:

Anybody have any idea how long a charge lasts on these? Or how to turn it off? Do they turn off automatically after an amount of time of not using or do I have to power it off? How do I know if it’s turned off?

Commenters provided advice based on their previous experience. For the battery question, the poster received an answer from user forlorn_hope28, who said:

A fully charged MB+ will last a full day. I used mine at WDW from rope drop to park close and had about 33% at the end of the day. Batuu Bounty Hunter will eat up the battery life so it depends on how you’re using the band.

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As far as how to turn the MagicBand+ off, the poster received a few pieces of guidance, such as the advice from bralong1995:

Not sure how long the battery lasts, but to power off, you hold that tiny button for a bit until you feel it vibrate a few times. Then the magic band will illuminate red before slowly turning off.

Others suggested holding down the button until it vibrates twice, as well as checking the Disney app to ensure that the phone is no longer connected to the MagicBand+.

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One commenter, inamagicalmood, gave some other helpful advice in case the MagicBand+ battery is drained:

Not exactly what OP asked, but here’s something that most people don’t seem to know: if the battery is dead, it won’t light up or turn on, but the NFC/RFID capabilities of it will still work to scan into the parks, scan into lightning lanes, and scan your photopass code.

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PlanDisney, which is Disney’s official advice column for Parks and vacation planning, has a MagicBand+ FAQ on its website, detailing more information on its battery life. According to PlanDisney, the MagicBand+ battery is meant to last one to three days, depending on the activity level at the Disney Parks. The planDisney panelist also explains that the battery status can be checked through the My Disney Experience App. Additionally, you can estimate how much power you’ve used by pressing the button on the back of the MagicBand+. Note the flashing colors: if it’s green, that means it’s fully charged, yellow means that it is a low battery, and red means the battery is close to getting expired.

If you have MagicBand+ or are thinking of getting one, be sure to charge it ahead of your trip and learn how to use its features so you can enjoy all the magical experiences it provides!

Have you used MagicBand+ at Disneyland? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments section!

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