Cast Member Tells Guests to “Be Patient” with New MagicBand+

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The Disney Parks have always been innovative, especially in the past year with the implementation of MagicBand+ at the Disneyland Resort.

MagicBand+ is wearable technology that allows Guests to be able to enter the Park, check in at Lightning Lane, and link PhotoPass photos to their account. Additionally, this technology comes alive at nighttime with various entertainment, displaying glowing colors and pulsing vibrations during shows such as Fantasmic! and World of Color.

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However, some Guests feel like this integration was a bit rushed at the Disneyland Park, as there are no touchpoints at the Park like there are at Walt Disney World.

Instead, Cast Members will scan the MagicBand+. One such Cast Member with first-hand experience recently shared an honest review of the MagicBand+ on Reddit.

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Reddit user Manic_sapphic3 gave an honest review of this technology. As an attractions Cast Member at Disneyland California Adventure, this user was able to get the MagicBand+ on October 19 along with other Cast Members and Magic Key holders. As such, they learned how to use this in order to help Guests with any concerns, especially starting October 26, when these will be available for purchase to the general public.

Manic_sapphic3 purchased the black fireworks band, which cost about $50 plus tax and was in the middle price range of all the band options. And according to this user, the band worked great after setup, but the set up itself was fairly difficult. In fact, the user had to consult a Cast Member pamphlet, which ended up being mostly wrong.

However, this Cast Member was ultimately successful in setting up the Magic Band+ and shared the following instructions:

So step one turn on the magic band by pressing the button on the back once. It will light up green then rub the band around the camera on your phone till it prompts a link to be opened(on iPhone at least) click that link and it will walk you through it from there. It will need an update right away and will probably say it is having trouble connecting. Everyone I talked to had that happen but it downloaded like a minute later so ignore that at first before resetting or turning your band off. If you want to turn your band off hold till it buzzes twice that first buzz if you release it it will reset(helpful but does not save battery).

Part two interactive shows. Only World of Color was happening tonight but I did enjoy watching the band light up and buzz. Some parts need work and make sure your band isn’t on low battery if you want to have it stay connected for the full show(my friend learned that the hard way.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Manic_sapphic3 also mentioned that the band will work even if turned off, as far as tickets and Lightning Lane. However, for the lights and buzzing during shows, the band must be turned on. They also suggested that if the app is buggy, users should restart the app, as it may not be due to the band.

The poster encouraged MagicBand+ users to be patient, as Cast Members don’t necessarily have all the correct information and may be wrong when trying to help. Cast Members are also allowed to wear these as part of their costumes, so if you see one wearing it, you can ask them for help.

Do you have MagicBand+? What has your experience been with it so far? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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