New TikTok Shows MagicBand+ In Action at Disneyland

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A young girl taps her Magic Band against a Cast Member's phone.

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As of October 26, Guests at the Disneyland Resort are able to purchase MagicBand+, a new innovative wearable technology that was first introduced at Disney World but is now available at the Disneyland Resort.

With MagicBand+, Guests can check into the Parks and Lightning Lanes, as well as enjoy Disneyland shows in a new way.

However, in a new TikTok, we’re able to not only hear about these new features but also see them in action.

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A recent TikTok from @themagicalmillennial_ explains more about the new MagicBand+ and its innovative features.


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In this video, Megan explains how she purchased the MagicBand+ and learned how it works, as well as some of the features. She explains that it is a little more limited in its functions at Disneyland than it is at Disney World. For instance, it can’t open hotel doors or use a linked account to pay for certain items.

However, what it can do is get you into the Parks when scanned by a Cast Member at the gates, as well as let you check into the Lightning Lane. Megan explained that when used in the Lightning Lane, the MagicBand+ turns green, although she hadn’t captured that aspect on video.

Not only does MagicBand+ scan you into the Parks and reservation systems, but it also illuminates and makes certain sounds, according to whichever ride you are on or what entertainment you are watching. For instance, it lights up after certain attractions, like Guardians of the Galaxy, and after Haunted Mansion, it does a heartbeat sequence.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Megan also showed how the MagicBand+ illuminates to the beat of the music during shows like “Halloween Screams” but assured viewers that it does not distract from the show itself.

Besides these cool functions, Guests are also able to play games, such as bounty hunting in Galaxy’s Edge. According to Megan, if Guests want to play, they will need to head to the marketplace, where they will be given instructions on how to search for the bounty. From here, the MagicBand+ will help direct them too. What’s neat about this feature is that it is not just a “one and done” situation, as Guests are able to collect several credits with each bounty during the day.

Though she was hesitant about this MagicBand+ purchase at first, Megan was happy about her decision, saying that she was “officially converted” to the idea of MagicBand+ at Disneyland and that she thinks it is worth it for Magic Key Holders or, as she mentioned in the comments, people who visit the Parks more than once a year.

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Credit: Disney Parks Blog

There was a discussion in the comments section about the purpose of the MagicBand+, as well as some pain points, such as battery life. One commenter said they didn’t see the need for this wearable technology, as they can do most of these features on a phone. However, as the video creator pointed out, the app tends to log out every time she needs to scan, whereas the MagicBand+ is more convenient and available to scan.

Others mentioned they would be interested once the MagicBand+ has the automatic scanning function, as well as when they are able to use the MagicBand+ to charge to their Disney hotel room, or in the future, link to a credit card.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

MagicBand+ is available to purchase at select locations at the Disneyland Resort, such as Star Trader in Disneyland and the former ESPN Zone location in Downtown Disney, as well as a few other locations. The price range for these bands is $35 to $55. They are also available to buy on shopDisney as well.

What do you think of MagicBand+? Is this something you would purchase for your visits to the Parks? Share your thoughts below!

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