How Bob Chapek’s Greed Broke Disney’s Rides

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Bob Chapek at DLP Avengers Campus.

Bob Chapek might have made his grand exit from the Walt Disney Company, but the ripple effects from his reign of tyranny can still be felt long after his departure. Guests are still finding themselves dissatisfied with certain theme park experiences, and reports of rides and attractions malfunctioning are still circulating on social media.

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One of the most interesting developments to hit Disney this week was addressed by TikTok user @sayheyjames, and it seems that all roads lead to Chapek once again. In a recent posting, @sayheyjames unwinds the web of corruption left by the former CEO and how it continues to affect the overall Disney Park experience. Needless to say, the way that things connect between Chapek’s cost cutting, price hiking, Cast Member treatment, and Park conditions is certainly interesting.


New reports spell trouble for the Disney theme parks. Even though there are record crowds for the Disney theme parks and record profits, a cooling off period and dive in attendance may be on the horizon. #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #waltdisney #disneynews #castmembers #castmember #greenscreen

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@sayheyjames warns of a dive in Park attendance in the TikTok’s description, and that could very well be linked back to the rides in continuous need of maintenance. The decline in Park upkeep thanks to Chapek’s leadership is what’s truly going to hurt Disney in both its reputation and its piggy bank. While the price of tickets might be going up, the quality of experiences and Guest satisfaction continues to decline. As the former CEO fumbled the operating costs of the Park as described in the video, more and more malfunctions began to occur.

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That’s not to say Disney is going to do nothing about it. Now that Iger’s back in charge, attention will definitely be turned to the Parks. With Genie+ prices beginning to go down and Iger addressing the concerns of the Cast Members and investors in his recent town hall meeting, steps are being taken to repair some of the damage done. Hopefully, the recent hiring freeze will be lifted and Guests can expect a new influx of staff to be brought in to help bring the magic back.

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