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Bob Chapek at DLP Avengers Campus.


  1. PPP

    What a fantasy writer. Disney’s lack of upkeep was done under Iger’s watch including high prices.

    1. Rob

      Chapel was the worst but I agree Iger isn’t a whole lot better. Hopefully it is only for 1 yesr

    2. Steve

      The number of rooms has DOUBLED under Iger, the number of parks hasn’t changed since Eisner. The expansions to existing parks has been a mixed bag, sometimes even lowering capacity.

  2. Steve

    Iger is responsible for Disney’s current state, not the guy who was in charge for about a year.

  3. AH

    Was there last year and they were short handed. With a hiring freeze it means they will continue to be.

  4. Just got home from Disney two weeks ago. Planned for 2 years for trip. Worst trip ever been 5 times! Rides down, Genie+ sucks, cast members were not nice in fact some were rude. I could go on with that being said my family will never return to a Disney park again we are done with Disney!

    1. JR

      Oh no sorry to hear. We have a trip planned in February. Can you give specifics on what went wrong? Thanks!

  5. Julian H

    These things were done under both Iger and Chapek, these greedy people need to be replaced or things will never change…

    1. Steve

      It’s the investment firms like Vanguard who see the parks as a credit line for their propaganda agendas.

  6. Bob

    Disney should stop all remakes of classic movies and spend the money to make their parks upgraded. DisneyWorld has done some. But that family feeling doesn’t seem to exist anymore. More about sales at concession stands. To take a family vacation is more of a mortgage payment.

  7. There’s always someone “higher up” to answer too…chapek may be the one to be fired but there are many others who should be tarred and feathered as well!

  8. Rob

    My family and I are here on vacation now. I said prior to the trip that this would be our last disney vacation for a while and now that I see how things really are it’s definitely going to be a long time until they see my money again. I have never seen so many rides down in all the years I have been here. And the prices are ridiculous for everything.

  9. Julie

    I visited Disney from 2007 every year until COVID. We were noticing a decline in customer care. The Disney corporation seems more interested in the corporate quest. The magic has gone, we miss it terribly and will return to say goodbye at some point. But it will never be what it was. So sad

  10. Victoria

    If everyone would sell their stocks we would see a turn around so fast it would make your head spin.

  11. Laura Zeman

    I thought the hiring freeze was limited to executives and upper management. The parks are still hiring Cast Members. I could be wrong.

  12. Billie

    This would break Walt’s heart.

  13. Mickeymouse3

    100 years.
    That’s a long time for a company, any company, to stay in business. Most who reach this milestone fold shortly after achieving such a feat. Iger’s last few years followed by Chapek’s, and again Iger’s, will lead Disney down the same path. Too many fans have reached their breaking point and Disney refuses to listen to their fan’s desires. By the time they do listen and realize their errors, it will be too late.

  14. Marcus the Imaginary

    Iger may have let the place slide some, but Bob Paychek broke a lot more stuff in 2 years than Iger ever did. It will take time to fix. Be patient.

  15. Get A Real Source

    This article is using TikTok as a reference? Things won’t be fixed in a weekend and possibly never. Time will tell. But TikTok? That is a laughable source.

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