Ghibli Does Grogu: Studio Teases ‘Star Wars’ Crossover

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Grogu sitting on a rock

Credit: Lucasfilm

Studio Ghibli and their partnership with Walt Disney Pictures have been responsible for introducing American audiences to animated masterpieces like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away, but now it looks like the house of Hayao Miyazaki will be taking a trip to a far off galaxy as a partnership with Lucasfilm was recently teased.

Grogu as a statue
Credit: Twitter @JP_GHIBLI

With blended titles appearing on a tweet and Miyazaki himself showing off his new Grogu figurine, fans are already chomping at the bit to figure out what might be in store for the upcoming collaboration. Star Wars: Visions has already proved that the galaxy far, far away can in fact be retold as an anime, but something with Miyazaki’s level of magic and wonder has to be pretty special. While the studio is far more versed in the realms of whimsical fantasy, a science-fiction adventure could be a genre-breaking experience for the animation powerhouse. At this time, the intimate details of the project are still unknown, only that both studios will be involved in its production and Grogu could have a part to play.

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Studio Ghibli has had a share of Disney’s fanbase thanks to a partnership with former Pixar head, John Lasseter, but the possibility of a Star Wars collaboration has many already shivering with anticipation. While it’s not likely fans will see a graphic and gritty epic akin to Andor or Rogue One, something with a cute and cuddly character such as Grogu in the lead role is much more in Ghibli’s wheelhouse. One thing that can be confirmed is that no matter what route either studio chooses to take, the result will be an absolute treat for the eyes.

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It could be the events of The Mandalorian all seen through the child’s point of view, or it might even be a big, grand scale epic akin to Princess Mononoke. If Hayao Miyazaki is involved, it will definitely be a story that captures the imagination and tugs on the heartstrings of every last viewer. Right now, all we can really do is wait until either studio releases more information. The possibilities are practically endless for this collaboration, and fans can only speculate and discuss until an official announcement is made. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t discuss and imagine what might be in store. Hopefully, the project will be the results of a match made in motion-picture heaven, and that the galaxy will look even more stellar with Ghibli’s animated artistry.

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