Guests “Heartbroken” Over New Changes to Iconic Disney Restaurant

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When visiting the Disney Parks, it’s important to remember that a huge part of the experience can come from the food you eat. Whether it’s a simple mickey bar or a high-quality steak, Guests are in for quite a culinary experience.

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While there are many places to eat in Disneyland, one restaurant, in particular, has become iconic at the Southern California theme Park. The Blue Bayou restaurant, which can be found in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, has become somewhat of an icon itself at the Park, being incredibly popular among Guests.

While many would agree it’s not the best restaurant in the Park, there’s a certain level of charm that can’t be found elsewhere.

However, the iconic eatery has changed things up on its menu.

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When taking a look at the current menu, we noticed that several items had been removed or replaced. Over the years, Guests have come to love the Monte Cristo as well as the Chicken Jambalaya. Unfortunately, these are no longer offered at the restaurant.

For the entrees, Guests only have three options now:

  • Prime Rib
  • Sustainable Market Fish*
  • Creole Roasted Chicken

The layered cake also seems to be renamed to just “Chocolate hazelnut cake.

Blue Bayou Fantasmic meal
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The rest of the menu looks similar to what we’ve seen in the past, but the removal of these two dishes is quite unexpected and confusing. Guests reacted to these changes online with varying degrees of outrage. One user called the removal of these items “the dumbest thing ever.”

Another user called the new menu “crap,” saying this restaurant used to be very reliable for their family. Another user called the menu “uninspired,” something most in the discussion agreed with. One Guest said that their kids will be “heartbroken” over these changes.

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Changes are important and a much-needed aspect of Disney parks, but sometimes changes are hard to deal with. Menus change quite often but it’s not everyday that fan-favorite items are cut like this. \

What do you think about these changes?

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