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  1. Julia H.

    Chapek has gutted all of the menus at the sit down restaurants. You can’t even go to Carthay for lunch anymore. Take a look at that menu if you want to really get mad. He has cut back on staff, supplies, food, menus, and table availability – all to save even more money for his profit sharing bonus. He’s offering a fraction of the portion size at all of the sit down restaurants while increasing the prices two to three fold. He’s a crook and a thug. Get him out of Disney – he needs to go run a casino in Vegas.

    1. Melissa Rasberry

      Uh…we don’t need him in Vegas, thank you very much.

  2. J

    Surprised they no longer offer a vegetarian entree. BTW I don’t recall ever seeing a positive article by insidethemagic about Disneyland

    1. Matthew

      This is incorrect and should be revised. I was just there on Thursday and the Monte Cristo is on the menu I ordered it and it was fantastic.

  3. Justin

    Monte Cristo was the best item on Their menu. It was a treat that I looked forward to because no one else made it so well. Sad to see it taken off. I doubt I’ll go again b/c of it but I’m sure they will stay busy regardless. My guess is it was too labor intensive to make at such a busy restaurant.

  4. Mark

    “Changes are important”..
    Why ?? Some things need to be left alone unless the change ADDS something to the experience and doesn’t detract from it.

    1. Jc


    2. Liz

      This CANNOT be true. I’ve been enjoying the Monte Cristo for over 30 years! I will be heartbroken as will my daughter who also loves them and the chicken jambalaya. What the actual…..

  5. Layne

    Their Monte Cristo was the best thing in any Disney park! They’ve been shrinking it for years, less dipping sauces and side dishes kept getting cheaper. But to get rid of is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard, and that’s hard to say. Bob Paycheck has been trying to destroy Disney. So sad, at least he is 62, hopefully Mr. Paycheck will retire soon. (Definitely not soon enough no matter when it happens)

  6. Rebecca

    And they’re bread rolls are gone! That’s what I looked forward to the most when they reopened and then found out they no longer serve them.

  7. Liz

    You can still get both those food items at Cafe Orleans… Calm down people

  8. Carrie

    Blue Bayou has gone down hill for years. The Monte Cristo is a joke, it used to be the best but if you are able to see or taste any meat or cheese you are the exception. We ate there in July and will never go back again. All three meals were horrible. I sent back my Monte Cristo and the server didn’t even ask if I wanted to order anything else. My friend ordered chicken and it was cold and like rubber. My other friend ordered the filet mignon and it was also horrible. I don’t get why people keep going back there. Way to expensive and food is terrible.

    1. Hillaryc

      I think you’re a liar. You’re just poor and angry about it

  9. Danielle

    Don’t even want to read the comments because it’s only going to be complainers 🙄 people who haven’t eaten there since BB reopened or just complaining about cost for anything related to Disneyland and saying “what would Walt do?” Not considering I bet their own money values have changed since they were younger! Walt would be amazed at the expansion of his dream and at the end of the day he was a business man and it ALWAYS comes down to money, the parks or company is not hurting for money so he wouldn’t care that lower income families are priced out because the parks are at or near capacity every single day rain or shine.
    I go to DL all the time, I still have a great time every single time! If money is a bit tighter, I skip a meal or don’t buy the newest spirit jersey but I don’t let it affect my attitude in the park and THAT was Walt’s dream, for us adults to be able to forget the outside world for the day while we are in his park.

    1. Melissa

      That is outright blasphemy. Walt would be apoplectic at how the parks are being run and I bet he would sooner burn it to the ground than run it the way it’s being run now.

    2. Michelle

      Yet…”us adults”well most of us anyway do not find the cost of a Disney trip to be attainable anymore!
      I have been to Disney many many many times but I also am fortunate enough to realize that I have a lot more money than most people… Disney is becoming an elite experience which is the opposite of why it was founded.

  10. Jethro Disney

    Was there ever anything else on the BLUE BAYOU menu other than the Monte Cristo and Jambalaya? That’s all I ever ordered. But, the experience has always been way way over priced. I’ve never understood why they didn’t expand the whole restaurant? But, what idiot would ever decide to remove the most popular and iconic menu items I can’t imagine? Give it time and they could destroy their hard built reputation. Bob (Cha)Money-back must go before he completely kills the Disney Magic. He’s NO Walt Disney (he’s not even half a Michael Eisner). He needs to wise up and realize what damage he’s doing.

  11. Chris Gray

    Okay, if that’s what they’re doing then I’m not going to Disneyland again. The Monte Cristo at Blue Bayou is the highpoint of my experience and without it I’ll just pass on the whole thing.

  12. Mncstr

    That’s pretty disappointing. I mean the reason to go there is for the ambiance, but I ordered the jambalaya when I went there on previous trips. I suppose I would go there if I went with someone special still.

  13. Kev

    New Orleans Square is my favourite section of Disneyland, the Blue Bayou Restaurant (which overlooks Pirates of the Caribbean indoors) has always been a pleasant place to dine in the past …. the portions for the Monte Cristo and the Chicken Jambalaya were so large that they could be split between two people … it’s my understanding that both are still available, however, it is not as a portion so large it could be split up with an other Guest (and the quality has gone down for both with the excuse being “supply issues”).

    I will always treasure my time at Disneyland, but until the Walt Disney Company gets more competent leadership (please get rid of Bob Chapek the Bean Counter!) there’s nothing to go back to except disappointment ….

  14. Erik Hansen

    Once, on my birthday, I went to Blue Bayou for a Monte Cristo… and I live a thousand miles away. The portion was great and everything was great but this was the late 90’s.

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