Disney Testing New Attraction Months Ahead of Official Opening

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For the last few months, we have seen the roller coaster be tested multiple times. The first time we spotted this, we couldn’t have been more excited as this showed Disney was making major progress on the attraction. Unfortunately, we are still a ways away from actually being able to ride the coaster ourselves.

TRON Lightcycle/Run was originally expected to open sometime during Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration, which began October 1, 2021.

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This timeframe came and went with no word on when the attraction would actually be opening. However, Disney did finally reveal when we could expect the ride to open at Magic Kingdom.

Disney confirmed that the ride would be opening in “Spring of 2023” and while vague, it’s the most concrete timeframe we have ever received for the attraction. Disney has been hard at work as of late as the “opening date” approaches. The ride could be seen testing a few days ago and Guests shared the footage online:

They are testing the Tron ride in Florida right now.

They are testing the Tron ride in Florida right now. from WaltDisneyWorld

Reaching up to 60mph at its fastest point, TRON Lightcycle / Run will see Guests propelled into the Magic Kingdom skyline, careening alongside Cinderella Castle, and over the spectators of Tomorrowland. The story of the attraction sees Guests joining “Team Blue for a high-speed launch into a competition against Team Orange,” racing through the eight energy gates to secure victory.

Based on the popular film franchise of the same name, TRON Lightcycle Run in Orlando will be heavily influenced by the TRON Lightcycle Power Run coaster at Shanghai Disneyland. This ride is officially described as:

Experience high-speed thrills and chills as the Grid comes alive in a heart-pounding race for survival. Created as a friendly way for “Programs” and “Users” to interact, the Power Run pits team against team in the quintessential quest to capture 8 Energy Gates and triumph over opponents.

Prepare for digitization after entering the portal—this is your access into the energy, lights and excitement of TRON’s high-tech universe. As you leave the real world behind, you’ll proceed to the games as a member of Team Blue, ready to compete against some of the Grid’s most menacing Programs.

Are you excited to experience this new roller coaster at Walt Disney World?

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