“Just Gross,” Guests Served Rotten Bread at Disney Restaurant

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, may have the most impressive list of restaurants in the entire world of theme parks. Featuring a nearly-limitless selection of snacks, meals, and delicious treats, Guests are sure to find something they really enjoy.  Of course, the catalog of sit-down restaurants is hard to contend with as well,

The exterior of Connections Eatery under Spaceship Earth.
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There are over 200 places on Walt Disney World property to stop and grab a bite to eat, each one unique in their own way. But there is one restaurant in particular that offers something a little extra magical.

Everyone knows that EPCOT is the ideal destination when looking for unique and deliciously-authentic meals at the Walt Disney World Resort. While Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom all have their fair share of great places to eat, none of them beat EPCOT’s range and diversity.

One of the most famous restaurants in EPCOT and Walt Disney World, in general, has to be Le Cellier in EPCOT’s World Showcase. This restaurant can be found in the Canada Pavillion, along with a collection of shops and Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360.

Interior of Le Cellier at Epcot
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Another popular eatery inside EPCOT is Via Napoli, a restaurant that features “authentic Italian cooking, including hearty pasta, fresh salads, and pizzas perfected in wood-burning ovens.” This restaurant is located in the Italy Pavillion  However, there may not be a more unique restaurant than EPCOT’s Coral Reef.

Here, Guests can dine while enjoying views of a massive aquarium. From sharks to sea turtles, the magnificent coral reef aquarium is filled with majestic marine life, which swims past you as you dine!

Unfortunately, not everything went “swimmingly” for a few Guests eating there recently.

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A post went viral on Reddit recently, showing moldy bread being served at the popular restaurant at Walt Disney World. You can check out the full post below:

Last meal of our trip featured moldy, stale bread at Coral Reef. Overall, the quality was noticeably down across the parks 🙁

Last meal of our trip featured moldy, stale bread at Coral Reef. Overall, the quality was noticeably down across the parks 🙁 from WaltDisneyWorld

Users reacted to the image in a variety of ways. Some called it “dangerous,” while others discussed the overall drop in restaurant quality at Walt Disney World over the last year. Another user called it straight up “gross.”

The Guest who shared the photo clarified the situation in the comment section. “The quality of our trip overall was… lacking to say the least. And of course Coral Reef was a disappointment… Moldy stale bread to start and horrible tasting desserts to finish. We spent $280 as a party of 4 and it just… wasn’t worth it at all.”

While Disney World employees are always eager to make things right for Guests who are unhappy, We are unsure how this situation was taken care of by Cast Members at the Restaurant.

Have you ever experienced something like this at Walt Disney World?

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