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  1. Coral Reef’s reputation wasn’t that good in the first place. It’s one of Disney’s many overpriced restaurants that relies on having incredible ambience to bring people in. Moldy bread, definitely a turn off.

  2. Turtle

    This isn’t rotten. This bread was just part of the food and mold festival WDW is currently celebrating. The customer should be grateful that they were only charged regular price instead of the festival markup.

  3. Royz

    Unfortunately quality control and understanding of quality control are concepts just as difficult as algebra or trigonometry in some situations.

    The Coral Reef should undergo a deep change from formal to moremoderate dining.

    One detail.across the WDW and DL resorts is the overthinking of food dishes being many are to extreme and or fanciful, for what the environment is,a theme park. More effort is placed on eloquent dining, when it should be more themed tha what it is. Of course some dining experiences so have theme as to food and environment, but very few.

    Folks, Disney no matter how much decoration is placed on top of the cake,Disney is a theme park. Thus food should reflect that and reflect more themeing, when possible of the area within said park, and or characters from the films.

    More comfort foods, with a character theme,and not so much Beverly Hills or Fifth Avenue, cuisines. Bring it down a few notches. For example at the Art of Animation Resort, the food court is primarily tastes of the world, which is good, but doesnt really reflect the themeing of where it is.

    Simple foods like mac and cheese could be called MatersMacNCheese N Taters Tots. Nemos Nibbles bite size fried fish nuggets and fries or King Tritons seafood sampler (fried fish, hush puppies, popcorn shrimp, fries)….endless possibilities of imaginative, relatable comfort foods.

    Another high cost yield is the notion of eating healthy, and yes by all means eating healthy is the best, but remember its a theme park as well. Yes there should be healthy options but not as to offset cost. Using multigrain buns for hot dogs, vegan and or plant based foods have a high yield cost, and low profit when compared to traditional foods such as the regular white bread hot dog bun vs. the whole grain hot dog bun. Certainly healthy choices are good, but were not talking Whole Foods here.

    There is so much emphasis on thinking outside the box, what about whats left in the box?

    At the end of the day Disney is a theme park. Yes of course table service resturaunts are good, and fine dining, but keep the fine dining with fine dining.

  4. Deb

    The problem with Coral Reef has always been the menu. They think for some reason that they have to serve seafood. I’m allergic to lobster, don’t like shrimp and no way will I ever order fish at Disney. If it was a good quality haddock or cod maybe. But when you ask the server what type of fish is it you get that it is like a North Atlantic cod. No thanks, no mystery fish for me.

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