California Theme Park Closes Down Due to Severe Storms

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Six Flags Magic Mountain had no choice but to shut down Monday morning due to some intense rainstorms in the area.

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Credit: Six Flags

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The theme park is located in Valencia, California, and is home to quite a few thrilling rides and attractions. Unfortunately for Guests planning on visiting, the Park is shut down.

An announcement was made by the Park’s official Twitter account Monday morning, also stating that tickets for Nov. 7 would be valid on any other day of regular operation through the end of 2022:

PARK UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be closed today, Monday, November 7. All tickets for today will be valid on any other regular operating day through 12/31/22.

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As of now, it is unsure if the Park will be able to open up again on Tuesday.

Six Flags Entertainment is home to several theme parks all across the country. The theme parks are strategically located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, St Louis, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Buffalo, Washington D.C, Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Lake George, and Massachusetts. This includes locations like Six Flags Magic Mountain and Great Adventure.

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Credit: Six Flags
Specifically, Six Flags Magic Mountain recently opened a brand-new coaster that has proven to be extremely popular.
Called WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage, this thrilling coaster not only provides fun but it also breaks records.

This new coaster takes Guests on a flight through the sky over 3,300 feet of track, towering 13 stories and soaring at speeds up to 58 miles per hour. WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage is the tallest and longest single-rail coaster on the planet, according to Six Flags, and will is Magic Mountain’s record 20th coaster.

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