Back In The Lamp: Why Stopping Genie+ Is a Sign of Progress

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Since replacing the popular and manageable FastPass+, Disney’s new Genie+ system hasn’t exactly been met with rave reviews. What promised to make wait times and scheduling easier ended up being a big blue paywall that quickly drains the magic from a Guest’s overall experience at the Parks. However, since the cons are quickly outweighing the pros, Disney might actually be reconsidering the system entirely.

Logo for Disney Genie+ on a blue background with a winking Genie head from Aladdin.
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One of the many reasons former CEO Bob Chapek was canned by the company, Genie+ has proven to be much more of a hassle than it’s worth. Simply put, it’s a paid service that Guests once got for free, they have to be up by the crack of dawn to even get a hope of reserving a spot on their favorite rides, it’s not very user-friendly, and it’s simply growing way too expensive for most to even consider.

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With that in mind, if the trajectory of Guests’ vocal opinions regarding Genie+ continues, Disney might put a stop to it sooner than we think.

Screenshot of Genie+ availability messaging after the changes
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With sales and the policy recently updated, this could be the sign of a slow but enormous change to the Disney Park experience. As Genie+ sales stop due to “demand of service,” it could be the first signal that Disney is realizing what a failure this endeavor has become. Guest satisfaction has already been dwindling in the days prior to Chapek’s firing, and the system he implemented has been called a blatant cash-grab. The question is what will Disney put in its place?

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There have been rumors of a ticket-based system, but many fans will agree that a return to the FastPass+ system from 2013 would serve the Parks well if they wish to return to their good graces. That being said, nothing is ever that simple. Guests can take comfort in the fact that as Disney recognizes the various problems the Genie+ system has created, it might very well be on its way out. It could be only a matter of time before the system goes from temporarily-stopped to completely eliminated.

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in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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