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  1. Bill Werner

    No, I don’t think it will be going away. However, I believe that sales of Genie+ will be limited to a certain number daily based on attendance. What I believe is happening is that sales of Genie + has escalated to the point that it can no longer serve as a “get through the line quick” service, as too many are buying the service. So in order to let those who bought a space on a particular ride or attraction through Genie + through the given lines faster, they have to slow down the stand-by lines, which frustrates and angers the guests in those lines. The Genie+ guests get frustrated because there are so many in those fast lines that there is a wait there also.

  2. MuzzyFush

    I think the best option would be to use the Genie+ technology still but turn it back into the Fastpass reservation system. Instead of having to get individual Fastpass tickets from machines in the park you just book them through the Genie+ app and keep it all free.

    1. Tim

      What you describe here is Fastpass+.

      1. Charlotte

        There is no reason whatsoever why fastpass shouldn’t come back.

    2. John

      I do not believe Genie+ or Lighting lane will go away, but I do believe they will provide a free alternative at some point, because I have tk believe Bob Iger never intended for Genie + or lightning lane, which was his idea, to straight up replace fastpass.

  3. E

    I know my experience with it was ridiculous. I felt like I was on my phone all day trying to strategize. Then we were going from one side to another. It was awful

  4. Deb

    I am a firm believer that Genie+ has created the feel that the parks are more crowded. I also know that Disney has the data to determine this. They oversell Genie+ and lines that should have a shorter wait have become such a long wait, it destroys the experience. Go back to the old Fastpass system. It will give Disney the data on park numbers and at the same time keep people happy. People don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for the experience that Disney is offering.

    1. Charlotte

      That’s why I believe that if fastpass was to return, a lot more guests would happily be returning to the parks.

  5. Leaders

    Genie + and LL has made lines for DAS pass longer which is directly against what it was designed for. Fast passes didn’t have this issue and they were free for everyone.

  6. Jennifer Thilo

    I am doubtful that WDW will eliminate a profit center so long as people pour into the parks and pay for Genie. Chapek was fired for poor financial performance, not failing to please guests and cast members. I do not plan to return to the parks unless they become more guest-friendly, but I appear to be in the minority

  7. Bob Paycheck

    Genie+ along with ending the meal plans and paid parking is a recipe for disaster. The last thing you want to remind people while they are on vacation in the parks is how much they are spending while there. I used to pay for the whole vacation before arriving. While there i just lived it out like a kid. Now everytime someone wants to ride something or eat something they have to look at their phone and pay for it.

    1. Charlotte

      So true! The very least Iger can do is make genie plus free.

  8. Noemi

    I really hope so!!! Disney is too expensive as of right now!

  9. Beth

    When we went during the pandemic, there was no Fast Pass, no Genie+ , etc. you would have to wait in line line everyone else. Yes the crowds were smaller BUT. We never spent more then 40 minutes in line!!!!! The lines went smoothly and no one complained as other waltz by you essentially taking you place and getting on before you. When we were little that was called “ line cutting”. Now as adults we are supposed to allow this because someone feels privileged enough to fork over more money they you!!! Do away with all of it , go back to waiting your turn in line. If line line is too long something else.

    1. Paul

      Thank you! I see itnfar to often. I keep asking these bloggers to look at the lines before peak LL times, and notice the size of the line and wait times associated with it. Lines move 30-40 minutes faster without a FP or LL line in the way.

  10. Debra

    It all sounds very confusing and I have been researching it for quite some time… Please bring back the fast passes. Then we won’t have to be on our phones and missing the true Disney experience. Can’t someone see that?

  11. Charlotte

    Free the Genie!

  12. Thomas

    I refuse to spend all day looking at my phone while on vacation. I simply won’t do it. Boycotting Genie+ and LL entirely. Hope they can bring back free FastPass+ SOON No more (free) ground transportation to Resorts from the airport either, that is also very frustrating considering the price of resort stays….

  13. Steve

    It won’t go away until they have to get rid of it.

  14. Jayne1955

    Iger was involved with the planning for Genie+. But I hope he’s smart enough to realize he was wrong. I don’t want to be on my phone for my entire vacation. They need to bring back fast passes and dining plans.

    1. Charlotte

      So much this!

  15. William a Baumgart

    Bring back the fast pass system, keep it free, we enjoyed going there then, but when they got money hungry, we stopped going. Also take away the parking charge at their hotels. Quit nickel and dime stuff. Disney would be turning in his grave now, parks are now too expensive for the average family to go to. So BYE-BYE!!!!

  16. Lisa

    I have been to Disney 8 times from the UK and my recent trip last month has left me feeling deflated about disney. Genie+ needs to be gone and the old fast pass system reinstated. Park reservations need to be taken away also this was in place due to Covid
    Staff at Disney were friendly but not as enthusiastic about there jobs as they have been in the past. The cleanliness of the parks has also declined. Disney was the most magical place on earth for me and it needs to return to that.

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