Replacing Disney Park Rides Might Be Risky

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Splash Mountain is set for its massive Princess and the Frog overhaul, and its upcoming change has already sparked discussion amongst several vocal fans. But it also looks like the Briar Patch isn’t the only piece of property Disney fans want to be changed.

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The Disney Parks are designed to constantly be changing and evolving, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. “Keep moving forward” was a popular phrase from Walt, and the Imagineers have done a marvelous job in keeping that maxim alive. However, while change is certainly a good and necessary thing to keep the Parks running, there’s a thin boundary between updating a timeless fixture and replacing a famous Park landmark.

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While many would definitely agree that Splash Mountain is overdue for some updates, especially with its animatronics, many fans are already speculating what other rides they’d like to see changed or outright replaced. This is all hypothetical, of course, but the idea of so many attractions replaced could be potentially dangerous for both fans of the Disney Parks and even Disney themselves. There are so many Disney attractions that are pieces of theme park history that to replace them or even update them too much would be highly problematic. The issue is where to draw the line.

Granted, there are many attractions that have simply fallen out of favor or that their technology requires too much maintenance to constantly upkeep. We’re looking at you, Tomorrowland Speedway. However, many classic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and Carousel of Progress all bear Walt’s handiwork, and disrupting that could be interpreted as replacing or erasing his contributions to his own theme parks.

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Audience tastes and cultures are going to change, that’s inevitable and unpreventable, but there has to be a boundary somewhere when it comes to classic attractions. While things like the futuristic scene in Carousel of Progress and animatronic parts on certain attractions are understandably in need of tweaking, outright replacing rides can be a slippery slope to changing the Parks beyond recognition. That all being said, that’s not to say changing and adapting the Parks are a bad thing.

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There are plenty of rides that no longer exist for good reason due to safety hazards, technological barriers, and other functional and practical problems that kept them from working efficiently, and there’s definitely more than a handful of beloved Disney attractions that need a technological overhaul. What has some fans concerned by talks of replacing rides is losing the magic of the originals, which is certainly understandable for Guests who grew up alongside them. It’s not that Disney shouldn’t change, but that there needs to be some sort of balance between restoration and modernization.

What do you think? Should Disney replace some of their current rides? Tell us in the comments below!

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