Guests Claim They Were Treated Like Animals by Disney Cast Members

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Disneyland is a magical place full of exciting attractions, beloved characters, and Mickey Mouse-themed ears and treats everywhere you look. All of this magic tends to happen in the daytime, and at night, it seems like a completely different Park.

At nighttime, the lights of Main Street, U.S.A. and Sleeping Beauty Castle are enchanting. But when the evening entertainment such as parades and fireworks begin, it can be difficult navigating the Park, as some areas are roped off, causing more crowding, and Cast Members are directing the flow of traffic toward an area that you don’t necessarily want to go.

Such is the case of one Reddit user, who expressed his frustrations with this process and with the Cast Members.

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Reddit user @PeeP_Th3_LULs recently visited Disneyland and was disappointed with how Cast Members handled crowd control. Per their post,

So me and my family went to Disneyland this last week and we had a lot of fun for the most part. One of the things I wanted to share and see if any one else felt like they were pretty much being hoarding like sheep? When ever something is going on the workers grab there little glow wands and start waving them around yelling at everyone to keep it moving. I understand when there is a big group and the traffic gets a little hectic but I don’t need someone yelling at me every 10 feet to keep moving when that’s what I’m trying to do. It just really made us feel like animals.

Commenters chimed in with their thoughts on the subject. For instance, beastman_robert vocalized that Disney’s crowd control methods seem extreme and potentially dangerous:

This is why I dislike parades and fireworks. They would be fine but Disney’s crowd control measures suck and it seems to last for hours. I’ve always had the same feeling as you of being herded around like livestock. They also create all these intentional choke points with ropes and benches and route you around the park strangely, which I feel just makes matters worse. I mean if somebody did have an emergency do you think that they would be able to get anywhere anytime soon in that mess? Once I see them start to rope stuff off I just clear out of the hub area and don’t come back until after fireworks are over.

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User daughtersofthefire also suggested a practical solution for Guests to voice concerns or feedback:

I feel like its always been like this in the 20yrs I’ve been coming to Disney parks. If it upsets you, it might be worth mentioning it at city hall next time, as that feedback could be incorporated into small changes. You don’t know until you ask.

And user cupcakejo87 brought a humorous outlook to a less-than-humorous situation:

I mean, on one trip, they had the main Tomorrowland walkway running like a two lane road – in on one side, out on the other. As we were being herded into the correct side, a group ahead of me started mooing like cows, and the rest of us (including the poor CMs doing the herding) just started laughing. It’s just part of going to a place with lots of people. Don’t take it personally or as dehumanizing. They’re just trying to keep things from getting completely stuck.

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The general sentiment from the comments section concurred that while Guests may feel that they are being herded like sheep or going in a direction that’s completely opposite from where they want to go, this is just the Cast Members’ job, and Guests should not take this personally.

Some commenters pointed out that this is the Cast Members’ least favorite part of their job, and it is necessary for them to raise their voice and repeat themselves constantly, as some Guests are either not paying attention or willfully ignoring the directions.

Though this process may seem frustrating, especially when being surrounded by a massive crowd or being “yelled at” by Cast Members, this is just a method of crowd control during nighttime events that helps keep everyone safe and organized. This ultimately helps prevent mass chaos and unnecessary injuries.

Do you agree with the poster’s sentiment on crowd control at Disneyland? Are there any other methods of crowd control that you would suggest?

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