Guest Forced to Leave Theme Park After Scare Actor Chases Service Dog With Chainsaw

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Scare actors dressed as clowns pose by a carousel.

Credit: Six Flags

Each year, Six Flags hosts Fright Fest at its Theme Parks around the United States, including Six Flags Darien Lake, Great America, Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and more.

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Similar to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, Fright Fest features scare zones, haunted houses, Themed treats, spooky decor, and more Halloween fun.

Credit: Six Flags New England

Twitter user @themepark_daddy recently attended Fright Fest at Six Flags New England and had a terrifying time – but not in the way she’d hoped. The Guest brought her service dog along to the Theme Park and, despite avoiding as many scare zones as possible, was chased with a chainsaw by a scare actor.

According to a Twitter thread, the Guest asked the scare actor to stop chasing her service dog, but the actor refused and said she was “in the wrong place:”

if you’re a scare actor with a chainsaw, and you’re not sure what to do when you see a service animal, i promise you that the correct course of action IS NOT to chase the service dog even after i yelled at you not to.

@SixFlags do better. this is not okay
my day is now ended early by a scare actor chasing my service animal and being told that “i’m in the wrong place” when telling him to leave her alone.

Though some Theme Parks fans chastised the Guest for bringing her service dog to a Halloween event, she pointed out that the real issue lies with those that choose to interact with service animals:

p.s. shout out to all the people who don’t know my service animal telling me what she can and can’t handle 🥰

just wanna let you guys know that distracting/interacting with a service animal is a crime. this is lack of education. she should not have been interacted with at all.

In Massachusetts (where Six Flags New England is located), people can be prosecuted for interfering with a service animal’s duties.

Additionally, the Guest said that not only did she train her service dog to avoid distractions, but she intentionally avoided scare zones except for one that they had to walk through to get through other areas of the Theme Park:

hi. my service animal has exposure to theme parks and chain saws on a regular basis. we planned the night around avoiding the scare zones but unfortunately, there is a single scare zone that is unavoidable.

2/2 my sd is trained for these environments and being around a chainsaw. she is not trained to be continuously yelled at & followed by the chainsaw in close proximity. sd etiquette is that she should be ignored and not distracted. this is not what happened & lack of education

This Twitter thread gained quite a bit of traction and the attention of Six Flags support. They responded to the Guest and asked her to e-mail their customer support team with more information:

Hello! We are concerned to hear this. Please reach out to with further details so we can promptly assist you.

Six Flags New England hasn’t otherwise commented publicly on the incident. 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Six Flags Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Six Flags Theme Park operations.

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