Should Parents Take Children to Disney? Some Say No

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Disney Parks are a fantastic destination for vacation or fun weekday or weekend trips. It’s a great opportunity to connect with friends or family, make memories, and have fun.

But what about younger children? Should parents or guardians take children who might be too little to enjoy all that the Parks have to offer? According to an article from Insider, no they should not.

Christopher Mannino, author of the post, recently took his three and six-year-old children to Walt Disney World, and they did not have a good time.

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Christopher thought this situation would end up differently, as he had taken his son to Disney World as a baby, and it was a good experience. He felt at the Parks, there was not much the baby could do except take pictures, and there was more downtime when the baby needed a nap. Additionally, there were great child centers at each Park, and at Club Med, which he and his wife felt was mediocre at best, the childcare experience was good enough that they would want to come back.

Christopher thought that as his children grew up, they would have a similar experience as this one, but that was not the case. At first, his three and six-year-old children were excited to go to the Parks. Having shown them YouTube videos of the Parks ahead of time, including some of the rides and parades, they were looking forward to it.

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However, once there, they became overwhelmed. Christopher’s son was afraid of the 3-D attractions and most of the attractions in general, and his daughter didn’t want to have anything to do with the indoor rides but was overwhelmed with the environment outdoors. This was understandable, as she had grown up in the pandemic and had not had an experience like this at an amusement park, fair, or similar venue.

The family ended up leaving the Park early because of this experience. But as much as Christopher did not enjoy this experience and would not recommend it to parents of small children, he says he would definitely go back when his children were older.

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People on Twitter shared similar experiences with taking small children to the Disney Parks. For example, @kittyangelz805 echoed this experience in response to another Tweet about why people with kids shouldn’t go to the Disney Parks.

Tbh I feel like taking kids to Disney is such a waste of time and money. They’re way too young to appreciate the experience and craft and don’t have the patience and other executive functioning skills to manage such a stimulating but stressful experience

In addition, @oneinspireddad shared a long thread about taking kids to Disney World. Instead of discouraging it, like the previous posters, he encouraged parents to prepare for these kinds of trips to enhance their experience:

1. Preparation is key. A trip to Disney World with four young kids isn’t something you do on a whim. For most, it’s something that needs to be saved for and booked well in advance of taking the trip. A well planned trip will help make your experience a memorable one.

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So if Disney World is such a bad idea for young children, why take them? Well, for starters, Disney Parks tickets are free for children younger than three years old, and parents try to take advantage of that. There are also costs of babysitting to consider as well when going to the Parks, and for some parents, the better option is to take their younger children with them.

However, it is important to consider that with younger children, they will need to take naps or breaks, as they could be overwhelmed or tired and may have meltdowns at the Parks, causing disturbances to other Guests.

So whether you choose to bring your young children to the Parks or not, it’s important to weigh out your options and consider all these factors in your decision.

Have you recently taken your younger children to the Parks? Did they enjoy it? Tell us about it in the comments!

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