Should you take your baby to Disney? The pros and cons of bringing a baby to the Disney Parks

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With so much to do and see at Disney Parks, it’s only natural to want to bring the whole family on a Disney vacation. Disney Parks and Resorts offer fun, relaxing, and one-of-a-kind experiences for guests of all ages. But while you’re never too old for a Disney trip, could you be too young?

Every year, thousands of people take their first Disney trip, and while many don’t get to visit Disney until they reach adulthood, some meet Mickey Mouse when they are just infants. There are many pros and cons to visiting the Disney Parks at every age, but possibly the age of most contention is under three years old. Should you take your baby to the Disney Parks? Read on to find out why so many make the decision to bring their babies to Disney, and why others wait until their children are old enough to remember their first trip.

Benefits of bringing your baby to Disney

Two words: it’s free. Both Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida offer free theme park admission for children under the age of three. That means you can bring your child to a Disney park as many times as you want and only pay admission for the people in your party who are three years old or older. This is a huge reason why so many families choose to bring their young toddlers (and even infants) to the Disney Parks.


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Many families like to bring their babies to Disney because of the experience it gives the parents. A child may not remember their first Disney trip if it occurred when they were a baby, but parents and loved ones will always remember the feeling of bringing their baby through the castle for the first time or sharing their first churro with their toddler. Plus, you can even take advantage of rider swap, so you can still enjoy your favorite thrill rides and switch off watching your child outside of the attraction. 

While a baby may make the idea of navigating the Disney Parks a little more stressful, don’t worry. Disney offers stroller rentals, baby care centers, and plenty of attractions perfect for little ones. It may take you longer to get from ride to ride while pushing a stroller through a crowded theme park but know that Disney is available to help you make your family’s trip manageable even with a small child.

The highs and lows of experiencing an attraction with a toddler (2 year old on Walt Disney World’s Barnstormer, a kid-friendly coaster)

Benefits of waiting until your child is older

On the other hand, many parents decide to wait until their children are older before bringing them along on Disney trips. While free admission is a game changer for many families, it may not outweigh the extra energy and patience needed to tote around a baby at a Disney park.

While rider swap is an awesome amenity to take advantage of if you go to Disney Parks with a small child, it isn’t always the ideal way to experience your favorite attractions. If you’re bringing a child under the age of three to the Disney Parks, chances are you won’t get to experience everything you typically do when visiting with just adults or older children. You may feel inclined to forego the thrill rides in favor of only riding baby-friendly attractions so your entire party can ride together. Or you may not stay out as late and miss the nighttime entertainment that Disney Parks offer, like your favorite fireworks show or parade. A baby will likely cause you to need to adjust your trip schedule.

Because of this, there are several benefits for both parents and young children to wait to visit Disney until the children are older. A child’s first Disney trip can be incredibly magical and special if they can actually remember it. Do you remember the first time you rode your favorite Fantasyland attraction or the first time you tried Mickey-shaped waffles? Children three and older are more likely to be able to share these special memories with you.

So, should you bring your baby to Disney?

The answer? It depends. If you are used to traveling with babies, think that the Disney Parks will be manageable, and won’t get upset at the idea of not doing everything you want on your vacation, then bringing your baby may be a good decision for you. But if you want your child to remember their first trip, you are not okay with the cost of admission, and you think a baby will add unwanted stress to your vacation, then you may want to wait until your child gets a bit older before you bring them to Disney.

No matter what you decide, the Disney Parks and Resorts have plenty of magic for guests of every age, no matter how small.

Have you ever brought a baby to Disney? Share your experience in the comments!

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