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  1. You left out the biggest con: lack of consideration for other people. Firstly, strollers have become a real plague, especially at Disneyland, which was never designed for the giant land yachts people seem compelled to bring, clogging pathways, bruising shins, taking up space at parades and other performances, and being stolen half the time.

    Secondly, you are likely to wreck the experience of other people around you when your baby decides that costumed character/loud noise/the fact they could really use a nap means it’s time to shriek like a fire engine/throw up/mess themselves.

    Thirdly, you’re bringing a creature with a fragile immune system into close proximity with hundreds and thousands of other people who may have all kinds of colds, flu, or whatevers from all over the world; are you sure you want to do that? (Having caught norovirus on a Disneyland vacation myself, I can confirm that one’s a big no.)

    IMO, do everyone (including your own offspring) a favor and leave the sub-threes at home.

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