Some Guests Say They Would Pay More for Limited Crowds at Disney

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It’s no secret that the Disneyland Resort has been crowded in recent days, with some infuriated at the Parks’ reservation system, and others upset that Disney prices on tickets, merchandising, and food have skyrocketed over the last year alone.

However, one Reddit user brought up a potential solution for this ongoing issue that seemed appealing to other Reddit commenters: raising ticket costs to make Park availability more exclusive like it is during events such as Oogie Boogie Bash at California Adventure, in order to reduce the number of Parks attendees.

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A Reddit post by resetmypass asked fellow Disneyland fans,

How much would you be willing to pay for a ticket to Disneyland if they could limit it like Oogie Boogie Bash?

One commenter, user sleepygrumpydoc, seemed okay with paying more for limited crowds:

It depends on how much they limit it and what is being offered. If everything would be the same as now but they limit attendance to say 5k people I’d probably be willing to pay $500+ Maybe even if they limited it to 10K but brought back daytime parades and activities. I would also except no additional lightning lane charges and just like with OBB for pictures to be included.

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User Signature-Disastrous responded to this post, saying:

I mean more than 50,000 people per day enter Disneyland on average. So if you want to limit it to 5000 people you’d need to be willing to pay AT LEAST ten times the price of a daily ticket but probably more since they would miss out on merch and food sales. I’m guessing we’d be looking at $1,700 tickets for a capacity that limited.

The only reason they charge so little (relatively) for ticket events is because It’s on top of regular ticket sales for that day. It compounds the profit.

One commenter, tikix5_ruminator, pointed out that Oogie Boogie Bash wasn’t just about reduced wait times for attractions but also about other exclusive, seasonal offerings:

it’s not just the reduced capacity creating walk on rides. OBB also has the treat trails, meet and greets, parades, shows. the lines would still be much shorter than regular operations but, the E rides wouldn’t be walk on.

to answer your question, I’d pay ~150 for 1/2 day of reduced capacity or 250 for all day.

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In general, the commenters expressed mixed opinions about this suggested ticketing option. While some agreed that they would pay more for limited crowds and better experiences, others didn’t want to encourage the Park to raise prices further. Some commenters even said they would pay more for days without “Disney Adults” or Disney vloggers or influencers, and others offered to pay double for an adults day only.

What do you think about these suggested experiences? Would you pay more for a Disney Parks ticket if crowds were limited?

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