Genie+ Drains The Magic: Another Price Hike Hurts Guests’ Disney Experience

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It was recently announced that the newly implemented Genie+ system would be experiencing a price increase from $20 to $25 at the Disneyland Resort and that prices will vary by date.

Left: Guests lined up outside Indiana Jones. Right: Disney Genie+ Logo with a sad looking Genie next to it.

The skip-the-line service that replaced the beloved FastPass+ system has already been the subject of controversy thanks to many vocal Disney Parks fans, but implementing something this pricey will undoubtedly hurt many long-time Park-goers. Essentially a pay-to-ride function for some attractions, Genie+ will undoubtedly take away some of the magic for who knows how many visitors, especially those who have to be a little more budget-friendly when visiting any Disney Park or resort.

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What Genie+ has essentially done is put up a paywall between Guests and more popular attractions like Rise of the Resistance or the recently-opened Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, which might not be as bad if Disney fans hadn’t already been exposed to an arguably better system with FastPass+. At one time, guests were given a set number of FastPasses when they stayed at a Disney resort on Disneyland or Walt Disney World property. That means that Disney is now forcing Guests to pay for something they would have normally gotten for free.

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It should come as no surprise that many Disney fans, including loyal pass-holders and locals, would be absolutely livid at this price hike. Many of which would understandably call this out as a blatant cash grab. This is liable to leave many guests second-guessing their Disney vacations and some undoubtedly wondering if the service is even worth the time or money. If Disney has a drastic decrease in Guest satisfaction, it could drastically affect the future of the Parks as a whole.

Consider the practical applications of not only the price hike but of Genie+ altogether. Even if the price were something like $10 or $15, guests who are dissatisfied, delayed, or otherwise unable to enjoy the ride or attraction for which they’ve literally paid to do. Nobody likes wasting money, and nickel-and-diming guests to death with additional fees and add-ons is a sure fire way to lose a fan or customer’s brand loyalty.

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What many Disney fans would agree on is that the corporate figureheads of the company are quickly forgetting how to play to their audience. A quick buck is never worth the price of customer satisfaction, especially for a name and company as big as the Disney brand. Whether guests use the service or not is up to them in the end, but this recent change will undoubtedly come with consequences for both the company and its consumers.

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