Here Are Some Free Things to Get at Disney on Your Birthday

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Anytime is a great time to celebrate at Disneyland, but especially on your birthday! And just when you didn’t think your day could get any better than spending time at the most magical place on earth, there’s a new surprise in store.

Did you know that you can get freebies on your birthday at the Disneyland Resort? A new TikTok shows Guests exactly what they can expect to find for free around the Park on their birthday.

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In a TikTok from @themagicalmillennial_, Megan explains just what she was able to get for free to celebrate her 30th birthday at the Disneyland Resort.


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At Downtown Disney, she was able to get free birthday treats at a few locations: first, a birthday drink from Starbucks, then a free birthday cupcake at Sprinkles.

At Disneyland, Megan was able to snag a free birthday button at the Emporium on Main Street. She was actually surprised at this since buttons have been in low supply lately.

And at California Adventure, she was able to redeem a free birthday dessert at Lamplight Lounge.

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People were wondering in the comments how you can redeem these free items on or around your birthday. Megan mentions that you can receive the birthday button and Sprinkles cupcakes around the time of your birthday. At Lamplight Lounge, you just mention it’s your birthday, and they’ll give you a free treat.

However, Starbucks is the one place it must be your actual birthday to redeem. Additionally, though it wasn’t noted in her TikTok, you need to have had the Starbucks Rewards app at least a week before your birthday to redeem your free drink.

In the comments, other than happy birthday wishes, people noted that they were surprised, as they didn’t know you could get all these things for free at Disneyland. Others had a vague idea of these hacks, but they didn’t work, or they didn’t quite know what they could get.

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For instance, one person went to Lamplight Lounge on their birthday but didn’t get anything for free. Another person went to get a celebratory button for their kids’ first visit to the Park, but since buttons were low in supply, they just received a generic “We’re Celebrating” button.

The next time you just happen to be at the Disneyland Resort on your birthday, try these hacks out and see what you can get!

Have you ever celebrated a birthday at the Disney Parks? What other free or celebratory items were you able to find? Share your experience in the comments!

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