No More Freebies: Things At Disney That Were Free Before Genie+

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With the recent price hike of the newly implemented Genie+ making things difficult for fans to enjoy at the Disney Parks, it’s adding insult to injury when they look back at what they used to get for no charge at all.

Disneyland Prices
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Many controversial decisions have been made recently regarding changes at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, largely thanks to Bob Chapek’s recent meddling. These changes have done nothing to improve the organization of travel or enhance a Guest’s experience on Disney property, as well as put up massive paywalls between dedicated fans and more popular attractions such as Epcot’s new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster. If the price hikes weren’t bad enough, the elimination of formerly free services provided by Disney has also truly hurt Guests in more ways than one.

Disney’s Magical Express

magical express
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One of the first services to get the ax even before Genie+ was Disney’s Magical Express which took guests to and from the airport while they stayed at the Disney resorts. These Mickey-themed buses were always clean, comfortable, and convenient, and soon became a regular fixture for any Disney vacation. While there are a number of different services and ride-share apps that Guests can utilize, the price of transport can run up pretty quickly. The cheapest Uber option is over $30, and prices can vary from day to day. That was only the first step on a slippery slope of cash-grabs.


parking fees at disney

At one time, Disney offered complementary parking at select resort areas. Now, Disney is charging a minimum of $15 per night for even their value resorts. Of all the things that Disney could provide for free, one would think parking at the resort they’d be staying at would be the bare minimum. Considering guests more than likely wouldn’t even take their own cars to the Parks while shuttles and busses are provided, it seems like a frivolous add-on.



Here’s where Disney fans start to get livid. Genie+ is essentially paying an extra $20-25 for something Guests got for free whenever they stayed in one of the resorts on Park property. The passes could be applied to be used on any Disney attraction, regardless of popularity. Even Rise of the Resistance could be managed without having to wait up to over two hours at a time. With the application of the new service, Guests are practically paying an additional fee simply just to access more popular rides. There’s nickle-and-diming, and then there’s flat out extortion.

Naturally, many of Disney’s most dedicated fans have taken issue with these needless changes. There have been many reports of Guests calling out the company, saying that their trips have indeed “lost their magic.” If Disney continues this consistent alteration of the core vacation experience, it could spell out doom for their beloved theme parks.

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