Classic Disney Attraction Reopens With Broken Effects

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Credit: Disney

A beloved attraction returned to a Disney Resort, but not in the way some Guests may have hoped.

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Credit: Disney

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Few Disney attractions are as iconic or as historic as the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Here, Guests will “Brave the smugglers’ trails of Adventure Isle and discover this magnificent tree house built by the shipwrecked Swiss Family Robinson.”

While Disneyland Pari may feature a ton of incredible rides and experiences, few compare to how simple and magical the treehouse truly is.

Credit: Disney

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The treehouse is featured at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disney, and Disneyland Paris. This attraction is very unique as it is a walkthrough attraction, meaning Guests simply take in the scenery as they please. This means there is usually no line for the experience.

Unfortunately for our European friends, this experience has been closed for some time due to an ongoing refurbishment. However, the treehouse, or as it’s called in Disneyland Paris, La Cabana des Robinson, just reopened at the Park.

Unfortunately, Guests noticed a few problems with the attraction.

Credit: Disney

In the tweet below from PixieDust (@Pixiedust_be), you can see some of the issues:

They didn’t use the long closure to fix some other elements like the waterwheel. The whole tree is not in its best shape and with those nets it is even worse.

The nets can be seen in the tweet below:

More ugly (why black?) nets arrived at the Robinson Treehouse, seems like they are here to stay. #disneylandparis

While we’re excited that this experience has reopened, we hope that all of the effects will one day work again.

More on La Cabana des Robinson at Disneyland Paris:

Swiss Family Robinson: a Tree with a View

Climb high in this magnificent tree house that the Swiss Family Robinson call home. Here, you can ascend an intricate series of walkways and stairs that lead to a layout of beautifully detailed rooms, including a kitchen, library and some bedrooms – all filled with salvaged decoration. And when you reach the lookout area at the top, grab a telescope and enjoy the stunning views of the island below. Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson tree house really is the height of good living!
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