Can You Enjoy the Disney Parks if You’re Pregnant?

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Disneyland is such a magical place, filled with beautiful scenery, thrilling attractions, and spectacular entertainment. And now is the perfect time to go, with the fall colors and ambiance slowly being turned to wintry scenes.

But what about people who are pregnant? What kinds of limits are there, and what kind of attractions are they able to ride? These are the types of questions that were asked in a recent Reddit thread.

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Reddit user Rough-Matter-9026 recently asked fellow Disney fans about what to expect going to the Disneyland Resort while pregnant.

I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant when I go to Disneyland/CA Adventure for my honeymoon in November. Was wondering which rides I cannot go on? I know the rides like splash mountain, space mountain, roller coasters… It’s been a while since I’ve been to Disney the Cars ride okay? I don’t remember it being jerky or anything but it’s been a couple years. Any other advice? TIA!

The comments section outpoured with support and advice from Guests who were pregnant while visiting the Parks. For example, user ejzimm said,

If you go into the map on the app, you can filter for “expectant mothers advisory” to see which rides aren’t recommended for pregnant women. I used that on the last trip I was pregnant on and it was super helpful!

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User Phased5ek also gave some helpful advice:

besides asking here, i’d also check with your physician for information on what they recommend as far as types of rides to avoid and those which you can do (bonus points if your doctor knows Disneyland very well and can give you a list of specific rides to avoid) 🙂

Additionally, The_Crystal_Thestral shared their experience:

Was pregnant at the DLR. In addition to the coasters, I couldn’t do Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Tours. I was able to queue up with my party and just hang out with them and then left the queue/waited for them at the exit. I avoided anything that placed a bar near/on my stomach and had quick, jerking movements. Please speak to your OB/MFM for things you should avoid though. They will be better able to advise you as to what you should avoid given your history and type of pregnancy.

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Other comments listed a few rides that these Guests went on while pregnant, as well as certain medical advice they received. As some of the commenters mentioned, Disneyland and Disney World both have a list of rides that have an “expectant mothers advisory” so pregnant Guests know which ones to avoid.

In addition to this Reddit thread, @bethanyrah on TikTok shared her experience while being pregnant at the Disneyland Resort in Paris.



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Bethany pointed out in this video that she had gone to the Park at 25 weeks pregnant, when she still had some energy, although she needed to take some breaks.

While there, Bethany took advantage of the pregnancy wristband, which is available at Disneyland Paris but not the Disneyland Resort or Disney World.

This wristband allowed her to not have to wait as long in queues, and she was able to get priority access for the rides she was allowed to go on, as well as the priority access area for the parades.

However, she warned people not to try to scam Disney, as they require proof of pregnancy and are very thorough in the validation process.

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Be sure to visit the Disneyland Paris website for more information on the pregnancy wristband, also known as the priority bracelet, as well as accessibility information for the attractions.

Though it may seem limited for pregnant Guests as they visit the Parks, there is still a lot to do and see, including slower-paced rides and attractions, parades, and nighttime entertainment.

As the Reddit comments suggested, if you’re pregnant and planning to go to the Parks, be sure to consult your doctor and get expert opinions before going on the attractions.

Have you been to the Disneyland Parks while pregnant? What advice would you give to other pregnant Guests? Share your experience in the comments!

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