Theme Park Brawl Leaves Multiple People Unconscious, Hospitalized

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Carowinds theme park copperhead strike

Credit: Carowinds

Multiple people were left unconscious and hospitalized after a series of fights broke out at a popular theme park.

This weekend, a series of brawls broke out at Carowinds, a theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina. The incidents were reported around 10 pm, causing panic among parkgoers during the initial nights of SCarowinds, the Park’s highly anticipated Halloween event, and forcing Park officials to shut down the Park an hour ahead of schedule due to the issues caused by groups of minors.

Scarowinds depths of darkness at Carowinds theme park
Credit: Carowinds

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While theme park officials denied the presence of a potential gunfire threat, some Guests commented on hearing gunfire during the terrifying incident. Park officials explained the sounds could be several things with SCarowinds taking place, including a cannon that is fired about once a minute to add to the Halloween experience in Thrill Zone.

Charlotte Alerts reported that shots were fired outside of Carowinds near the area. Per WCNC, there were no reports of parkgoers injured by gunfire, according to Medic reports.

Medic Mecklenburg EMS Agency
Credit: Medic

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However, several parkgoers were injured during the brawl, with some people getting knocked unconscious during the fight and others getting knocked down and trampled over while trying to escape the brutal scene.

“There were people getting trampled everywhere because everybody was sprinting as fast as they could,” Michael Hibberd told WCNC. “I saw people tripping over the flower pots. I was really scared because, especially in America, there’s been a lot of shootings going on recently, and sadly, it is one of those things that could happen.”

Kris Griffin, who was at the theme park with his family the night of the incident, commented that there were too many kids at the event with no chaperones and added that security was too light to handle the size of the crowd properly. “They were letting them go through security… setting them off…not wanding,” Griffin said. “No bag policy will only do so well.”

Credit: Carowinds

Carowinds does have a no-bag policy during SCarowinds, and Guests go through metal detectors to get in. However, the Park is already considering the enforcement of additional measures to ensure Carowinds and SCarowinds remain the family-friendly destination it has been for nearly 50 years.

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