Roller Coaster “Structurally Compromised”, Closed Indefinitely After Accident

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Six Flags Entertainment is home to several theme parks all across the country. The theme parks can be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, St Louis, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Buffalo, Washington D.C, Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Lake George, and Massachusetts.

Credit: Six Flags

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Six Flags Great Adventure, located in New Jersey, is home to many incredible rides and attractions.

El Toro, one of Six Flag’s most infamous roller coasters, resides in the Park, providing thrills and chills to Guests brave enough to hop aboard. El Toro first opened in 2006 and featured the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world at the time.

However, the 19-story tall ride has been shut down for nearly a month now following an accident that left 14 people hurt.

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Credit: Six Flags

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Witnesses recalled hearing a “loud bang and seeing a jolting of the El Toro train during operation.” Shortly after the incident, Six Flags decided to close the ride indefinitely and issued the following statement:

“The ride will remain closed for inspection. Any maintenance and repairs necessary will be completed and the ride will be re-inspected by our engineers, maintenance professionals, our 3rd party independent safety inspectors and the state of NJ prior to re-opening,”

However, Six Flags Great Adventure has commented further on the incident, claiming that the roller coaster is  “structurally compromised.”

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Credit: Six Flags

Ride inspectors reportedly found damage to “multiple wooden track support columns in a section of the coaster track. The coaster has been placed under engineer review as crews work to figure out what exactly caused the damage.

This is a developing story, we will update our article as more information is made available. 

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