What You Need to Know For Your Theme Park Vacation During Hurricane Season 

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When Guests visit Disney World, they may be excited to know that the weather in Florida will likely always be nice and warm; however, the Florida climate also has its flaws.

2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
Credit: NOAA

One of the biggest weather concerns that Floridians have to experience is the possibility of hurricanes and tropical storms. Lightning, thunder, and heavy rain are things that are incredibly common within the state. Still, during hurricane season, which typically spans the summer to early fall months, the storms may become more severe.

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This year, it is being projected that the Atlantic Ocean will bring in more hurricanes than expected, with 6-10 forecast for this season. Because Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort are both located in Central Florida, the potential for Guests traveling in the upcoming months to experience a hurricane is greater than previously thought.

hurricane dorian
Credit: NOAA

Because Disney and Universal are not located on the coast, the harshness of the effects of a hurricane will differ on a case-by-case basis. But, if you are caught in a hurricane while on vacation, here is what you should do.

First of all, know that you are safe! Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort are equipped to handle hurricanes, and their Resorts are ready to keep their Guests protected. We have even seen Disney World create hurricane meal kits so that Guests can keep food in their rooms without having to even worry about venturing to the food court in bad weather. 

hurricane dorian
Credit: National Hurricane Center

If a hurricane is projected to hit during your vacation, make sure that you bring clothing for the rain. Having multiple ponchos, umbrellas, rain jackets, changes of clothes, socks, and shoes are good practices to ensure that you can still have a great day at the parks!

Dockside Inn and Suites
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Lastly, if you are traveling out to Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort this hurricane season — be flexible. When storms occur, outdoor attractions at both theme parks will shut down until lightning passes, so Guests should be ready to accept that possibility before arrival. Having a strict attraction itinerary may not work best during hurricane season. Sometimes, you may need to step into the indoor queue for Pirates of the Caribbean instead of riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Also, depending on the severity of a hurricane, the theme parks could potentially shut down for the day, which is something we have seen in the past. Being aware of this will help to manage expectations if it happens so that you do not feel too disappointed with the outcome.

hard rock universal orlando hotel room
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On a positive note, your Disney or Universal Resort has so much for you to explore, from different food options to decor details, arcades, and more! If you need to stay indoors for a day, being open to exploring your Resort can end up being a magical experience that you would not have made time for!

Have you ever been caught in a hurricane while visiting Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments below! 

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