Disney Trolled Relentlessly Over “Misguided” ‘Encanto’ Comments

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Encanto (2021) has absolutely taken the world by storm, and it seems like just a matter of time before the Madrigals are back in action again, either with a sequel or their own Disney Parks ride.

The beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios movie about The Madrigals, a magical family in Colombia, saw Lin Manuel-Miranda’s popular hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” hit the top of the charts for multiple weeks, becoming more popular than “Let It Go” from Frozen (2013)  and becoming the first Disney song since “A Whole New World” in Aladdin (1992) to top the charts.

Stephani Beatriz as Mirabel
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At the D23 Expo, Disney teased that an Encanto-themed attraction could make its way to Magic Kingdom in a “dream session” in what could be “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain.”

At this point, though, fans are stuck only being able to watch the movie.

Disney+ recently shared a Tweet about the movie that had many fans in an uproar.

Cannot, in fact, relate to Luisa’s ability to juggle it all.  #Encanto is streaming on #DisneyPlus!

Many fans said that they believed Disney missed the point with its own character.

User @Sera_Feather wrote:

Literally the point of her character was that she CANNOT juggle it all and it’s collapsing over the pressure. Do Disney workers not watch their movies or what?

Another User @sycolution wrote:

Ok, good social media associate…please don’t let executives who haven’t watched the movies that you have to tweet about tell you what to tweet. Because the whole point of Luisa is that no one person CAN handle the stress of everything without help, no matter how strong they are.

User @mrsbeerus wrote:

Luisa: (Sings a song about overwhelming pressure and stress)

Disney+ not acknowledging the point:

These responses have reached the thousands and seemingly continue to come in.

Mirabel from 'Encanto' close up
Credit: Disney

While there is no Encanto ride or sequel on the immediate horizon, there are certainly things in the works for the future. You can currently see Mirabel at the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom and can meet her in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom. Over at Disneyland Resort, Mirabel can be found at Disney California Adventure. This offering is subject to change and can vary based on the day.

What do you think of this Tweet from Disney+? Let us know in the comments!

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