Women Clap Back at Tweet Lamenting “Slutty” Clothing at Universal Halloween Event

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A tweet lamenting women for wearing "slutty" clothing at Halloween Horror Nights. The Halloween Horror Nights logo.

Halloween Horror Nights is a scream-filled annual event at Universal Orlando Resort. While Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure operate normally during the day, terrifying Universal Monsters and ghouls take over Universal Studios Florida after dark, with chilling haunted houses and frights to make your night.

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Fans look forward to the spooky Universal event every year with an entire fan community surrounding “HHN.” That community came together this week on social media when a Tweet surfaced that many saw as misogynistic. The now-deleted Tweet from @The_CynicalDude read:

Can’t wait to see a bunch of women wearing skimpy outfits during HHN for no apparent f***ing reason. I also can’t wait to see some dumb *ss dudes salivating over it for no apparent reason like they haven’t seen a f***ing woman before. #hateit #Smh #dobetter

The Cynical Dude Tweet about women wearing "Slutty" clothing at HHN.
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Many women quoted the Tweet or made new threads on the topic, with @raetheforce writing simply:

The reason is we want to look like hot sluts. Is he stupid?

@MISSUNIORLANDO changed her Twitter display name to “HHN SLUT ERA,” though it’s unclear if the change is related to the commentary above on women’s clothing. She then made a call to action that received ample support:


Many women said they planned to dress even more provocatively to empower themselves and fight back against commentary on women’s clothing choices. @hiitsAlyyy wrote:

I’m showing up naked idc

@maggie_evert addressed the original Twitter user directly, telling him to grow up and not give unsolicited opinions on women’s clothes and bodies:

Can’t wait to see when men stop sharing unsolicited opinions on women’s clothes and bodies. I also can’t wait to see when @The_CynicalDude grows up and learns to mind his own business.
#hateit #smh #DoBetter

@The_CynicalDude responded in the end, saying he deleted the Tweet but stood firm in his opinion:

It’s social media. Opinions can always be shared. I deleted it because I was like ehh let me not be like that. Then this pops up soo now idgaf. I said what I said. Take it and weep if you have to

He also penned another Tweet, explaining that he feels men aren’t allowed to have opinions on women:

We live in a society where for some reason, men cannot have any opinions on a woman. However, women can say anything or have every opinion about a man. This double standard will never make sense. Just an opinion. Wanna have a discussion? Let’s talk. You get upset, that’s on you.

However, not only women took issue with his original Tweet. From @jeffgordonla:
It was a gross & disgusting take .

Wear whatever you like to Halloween Horror Nights – just make sure to check Universal Orlando Resort’s dress code before you go! 

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