Guest Blocks Ride Exit, Screams in Cast Member’s Face

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The Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT

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Formerly The Living Sea, The Seas with Nemo & Friends is the star attraction of SeaBase, EPCOT’s impressive aquarium. After meeting a sea turtle at Turtle Talk With Crush, go on a serene adventure with Dory, Nemo, Squirt, Marlin, and friends.

The seas with nemo and friends guests
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For a few Disney Park Guests this week, their journey under the sea was less than magical. Katie (@katie.rom) was at EPCOT with her son when she witnessed an altercation between other Guests and a Cast Member:


Cast members don’t deserve to get yelled at.. #disneyworld #disney #dobetter #epcot

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As Katie and her son exited The Seas with Nemo & Friends, riding a conveyor belt out into the SeaBase aquarium, they were suddenly blocked by a family in front of them. She called it a “dead stop.”

nemo and marlin in finding nemo
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Katie waited patiently because she wasn’t sure what was happening in front of her. Eventually, a Cast Member nicely asked the family to step to the side so Katie, her son, and other Guests could pass by.

As Katie and her son looked at the fish, she overheard the Guest yelling, “I’ve been on Nemo a million times!” at the Cast Member. She was confused because the Guests were in the clamshell next to theirs and didn’t mention any problems during the ride.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

“One, I didn’t hear you say a word the whole time except have your phone out, by the way, which, in a dark ride, I can see your bright screen, and it’s kind of annoying,” Katie said. “Two, what gives you the right to yell at a Cast Member?”

Katie explained that the Guests were screaming in the Cast Member’s face, and it upset her:

“They deal with a million people like you every single day. They don’t deserve to be yelled at. They don’t deserve to be screamed at. They don’t purposefully go out of their way to ‘ruin’ your Disney vacation. You don’t like something? It’s not their fault. Sometimes things happen. Maybe you had just a negative day, and you were taking it out on somebody else. One thing I’ve also learned is if you are negative, you are going to be purposefully looking for the negative. We need to switch up our attitudes; remember that Cast Members are still people. They deserve our respect.”

The seas with nemo and friends Aquarium
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“Please do better,” Katie begged at the end of her video. “Cast Members don’t deserve that at all.”

“Appreciate this so much! Cast member here,” @clfite96 commented. “We love and support all cast members here! You help to make Disney magical and wonderful 🥰,” Katie replied.

More on The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The seas with nemo and friends clownfish
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Pixar characters swim to life on this all-ages, slow-moving dark ride that combines animated digital effects with real-life aquariums. From Walt Disney World Resort: 

Go under the sea—without getting wet—on this gentle ride based on Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo, which finds Nemo lost again.

A Fin-tastic Adventure

The seas with nemo and friends viewing area
Credit: Disney

Board a “clamobile” and descend slowly below the waves, where Nemo’s friends flit through brightly colored coral reefs and gently swaying anemones. Dodge stinging jellyfish, underwater mines, a toothy anglerfish and an even toothier Bruce the shark. 

Catch a ride on the righteous East Australian Current with Crush the sea turtle and his little dude, Squirt. But where’s Nemo? 

Just keep swimming til you find him!

Always be kind to Cast Members. They’re happy to help make your vacation as magical as possible! 

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