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The Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT

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  1. Zara

    Hardcore Disney freaks think they rule the place, they need to shut up and stop being so disrespectful and demanding, they should ban any people being rude for life, then they would have something to cry about, babies

    1. Phil

      Agreed, Cast Members are always polite (even when they have to deal with these idiots) to the idiots taking or taking pictures with their cellular. When they get screamed at they should inform the screamer (after informing security) that they are being escorted OUT of the park for the rest of the day. If they continue scream inform them it’s now a LIFETIME BAN.

    2. Chris Wood

      I think the cast members should be allowed to pop these kinds of people in their lips and escort them out of the park.

  2. Aaron

    Is the Disney family tired of the parks and trying to make it fail or what?

  3. Michael

    Anyone who screams at or disrespects a CM or causes a disturbance, be they AP’s, regular guests or those who believe themselves to be better than everyone else, self-entitled jerks, etc, should be banned for life because it will only happen again. Call a supervisor/lead and security and Anaheim PD if necessary. It is time to punish those who upset the normal scheme of things NOW! No more leniency!

    1. Arthur

      Anaheim PD would probably take too long to get to Orlando and wouldn’t have any authority at WDW anyway.

      1. Roger

        Favorite comment

  4. Emma Newell-Roberts

    Just back from Disney. Nobody does it better, absolutely no one. The customer experience is beyond brilliant. Every cast member works very hard to make it such a magical and gorgeous experience for every guest. Their customer service is the best in the world and there are such a lot of people around who could not do that job if their lives depended upon it, The cast members are the most pleasant group of people. That would have really upset me too if I had hear this incident like this lady did. Well done for speaking up. We had the most amazing two weeks, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone at WDW x

  5. Kari

    Wow, another Karen incident. I am sooo shocked she didnt yell for the manager.

    FYI sweetie, NOBODY CARES that you have ridden Nemo a million times!!!

  6. M. Licausi

    Unfortunately, there is no shortage of rude people.This article is the inspiration for the design that will be on our family’s Tshirts next DW visit. I am going to have shirts made that say…


  7. Kerry

    Whoa. I would not have just stood there, I would have had to say something. People need to quit acting like the world revolves around them. Not gonna be good if this happens when I’m there this month

  8. sfcpres

    I’ve seen this at WDW & attending ball games. Because they’ve paid their money people believe they are “entitled” to do or say what they want. People shouting, cutting in front of others, and just disregarding anyone else. It ruins the experience for all.

  9. KDC

    This is really sad, seeing more stories of people acting s#1++y, and where is the magic these days? It’s no thanks to people acting like they rule the world and treat cast members and other guests how they see fit. They suck dry any joy for families who pay a lot to experience Disney. Why can’t we just be kind and not be 💩ing on others, especially to children I some stories I’ve seen recently?

    1. KDC

      “in”, sorry, I just feel a bit upset. Let’s be better, I know a lot of people are kind, but just my thoughts…

    2. Radzila

      These incidents are still really rare. You only hear about more of them because of the internet.

      1. Joe

        All of 1% of me can relate to these rude people. I’m tired of obnoxious individuals these days, sitting in restaurants with the volume up on their phone and watching videos or doing zoom calls. GET YOUR KID A PAIR OF HEADPHONES IF THEY WANT TO WATCH VIDEOS IN A RESTAURANT. That said, 100% of me would have been defending this cast member. Just like schools these days, gonna need an armed guard at each ride entrance and exit

  10. Lisa Coleman

    I agree but it goes both ways. At Magic Kingdom a Cast Member was so rude I asked for her name and she refused to give it to me. I got her first name off her tag and reported it to a manager. It made me so sad. As a single mom saving to be able to take my two teens on a memorable trip I expected better from Disney.

    1. Jessica

      I worked at Disney and only ever saw one CM cop an attitude… but it worked out in the end because the family she happened to be rude to, just happened to be the Iger family; as in Bob Iger, the then-CEO of Disney…. I’m not saying she got fired, because I honestly don’t know, but I never saw her again after she went backstage to have a talk with our lead…

  11. Rteker

    If you have issues with a ride or something, NEVER take it out on the cast members/employees that are there. They are only running the ride, they don’t preform maintenance. So go to guest relations and vent there but do it nicely as a famous quote say’s “Be nice until it’s time not to be nice.” It’s amazing what you can get complementary by being nice and friendly to the people at the parks, I did this at Universal Studios Orlando and the guy gave me a code to get some complementary fast pass tickets.

  12. She

    Wonder how much of this is Chapik getting what he paid for?

  13. Ex CM

    There is never any reason for shouting at anyone, no matter how upset you are. Too many Karens in this world who think they are the only ones who are right and everyone else is wrong. They think they are entitled. I have a news flash for them. They aren’t. They should be escorted out of the park without a refund. Then we’ll see just how entitled they are. You get more flies with honey, not vinegar. I loved being a CM. I was lucky enough that there weren’t many rude people to me.

  14. Jason

    These people were probably planted at Disney by DeSantis and his cronies out to destroy Disney.

    1. Trump 2020

      Give me a break. That’s something only Democrats do. And I can bet the person causing problems was a liberal.

  15. Rick Williams

    So Sunday, my wife and I went to Epcot so she could see 98 Degrees. I have to tell you, I was very disappointed. I have read about all of the brawls, and rude people and cast members that have treated guests poorly. So I am expecting an experience where it would be almost like the wild west, no law just mob mentality. I am so disappointed. No mobs, no brawls, no fighting, no yelling. I mean nothing but friendly and courteous people. Not even anyone trying to cut the lines. I think I have been lied to.

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