Disney Opens Snack Stand Inside Space Mountain

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Credit: Disney

Few attractions are as legendary as Disney’s Space Mountain. First opening at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, the ride has proven so popular it can now be found at Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disney.

On Space Mountain, Guests can “race through the cosmos in the dark to the edge of the galaxy and back on a thrilling roller-coaster ride.”

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Credit: Disney

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Recently, Disneyland made a peculiar yet not entirely surprising change to this attraction, specifically in the queue. This was shown in a tweet shared by Sammyland (@Sammyland6) and is linked down below:

So funny seeing a snack stand mid-queue for Space Mountain

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As you can see, a snack kiosk has been installed inside the line for the attraction. The new stand features popcorn, drinks, candy, and even fan spray bottles. This was quietly introduced recently, though we aren’t sure exactly when it was implemented.

In the past, we have seen similar kiosks set up at Na’vi River Journey‘s queue in Disney World as well as other attractions.

Credit: The Orange County Register

More on Disneyland’s Space Mountain:

All Systems Go
Navigate through a vast futuristic space station as you make your way to Mission Control. Board a sleek flight vehicle and prepare yourself for a high-flying adventure to the furthest reaches of space.

Ascend slowly through a swirling solar field as your rocket powers up. Plunge through a spectacular spiral nebula and then, when the countdown ends—hang on tight!

As you hurtle forward into infinite darkness, your rocket darts and twists in the void, speeding faster and faster. Feel the g-force as you careen into the unknown!

Immersive sound effects and evocative music add to the intense sensory experience.

Brave the most epic journey of your Earthbound life and accept your mission—to conquer Space Mountain.

Have you seen this new kiosk at Disneyland?

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