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Person sitting on the floor while wearing pajamas and holding 5 VHS movie tapes including Bambi, The Prince of Egypt, Cinderella, The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, and You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's House

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  1. What if there’s no diamond on the outside of the case but on the DVD it self in a diamond shape are they still valuable.

    Is it true there’s none of the Disney VHS tapes selling more than $25.

  2. Sharon Y. Parrish

    Some of the Disney VHS tapes are selling for thousands of dollars on Ebay. There is a way to display information regarding a price that an item has sold for on Ebay. Now why they are selling for thousands is puzzling to me. I wish I could find out what it is the seller of these VHS tapes know. If you don’t know how to check what items have sold for on Ebay speak with an Ebay Customer Support Representative who can assist you with learning how to use this. I sell on Ebay and verify the amount I can possibly receive if my item is in near mint condition prior to listing it. Even during this Covid-19 Pandemic some items still obtain thousands of dollars depending on their rarity. I copied and pasted two Disney Black Diamond Classics VHS that have sold for over $1,000 each recently. When you sell an item on Ebay you are charged a commission rate based on the amount of the sale. I would love to have sold either or both of these tapes the amount for each is shocking.

    eBay item number:163914544268 – Beauty And The Beast Black Diamond Edition Very Rare Disney Classics VHS 1992 – Sold for:
    US $2,500.00 Oct 17, 2020 , 10:56AM This was a used item.

    eBay item number:193657594535 – RARE Black Diamond Classic ? Walt Disney’s Beauty And The Beast – VHS Tape – Winning bid:
    US $1,500.00 Sep 12, 2020 , 5:08PM This was a used item.

  3. George Miles

    Most of those insanely high priced VHS tapes are nothing more than a way to launder money. Nothing more.

  4. Karen R Campbell

    I own Fox and Hound
    & 101 Dalmations
    Both black diamond.I want to sell can someone advise me how?

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