Couple Caught Getting Frisky Through Window In Disney Resort Room

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a popular Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Guests staying at Wilderness Lodge can experience the beauty of the outdoors — but in a luxurious style.

But one thing Guests were not expecting to see at Wilderness Lodge was a couple getting frisky in their Resort room.

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Disney World Guest Christie took to social media to share what she witnessed recently at one of the DVC Cabins at Wilderness Lodge, begging people who are in their Resort room to shut their lights off so people can’t see what you are doing inside. Christie Tweeted:

Seeing a man spread his lady out on the kitchen counter in their Wilderness Lodge Cabin is definitely not what I expected to see while driving by sitting on a boat 😂 Turn the lights out y’all.

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Many Walt Disney World attractions have cameras located inside of them so that Cast Members can keep an eye on Guests and ensure they are following the rules. And although the Walt Disney World Resort rooms do not have cameras for privacy reasons, and your room is a secluded area, we want to note that depending on where your room is located, Guests passing by may be able to see inside your room. If you are looking for privacy, make sure you shut your curtains.

Credit: Disney

This incident took place inside a private Resort room, but we want to note that behavior like this is strictly prohibited inside the Disney Parks as it is a public place and a family-oriented location. Disney Cast Members and security officials are always at the theme parks in order to maintain a safe environment as much as possible.

If you ever witness anything of this nature, or if you are ever concerned when visiting one of the Disney Parks, be sure to find the nearest Cast Member or report your issue with Guest Relations, located in each of the Disney Parks.

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