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While theme parks have a wide variety of fun activities and offerings for Guests to enjoy, experiencing the thrills of all the different roller coasters and attractions is one of the things Guests look forward to the most when visiting.

However, fans of this popular theme park have constantly been let down as a popular attraction has not reopened since before the pandemic closures and is likely to remain closed indefinitely.

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We are talking about Roman Rapids at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, in Virginia. This thrilling water attraction has been closed since before Labor Day 2019. With the closures and later restrictions and limitations imposed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult for Busch Gardens Williamsburg to maintain this ride staffed and operational, despite new vehicles arriving at the Park from Intamin — the ride’s manufacturer —ahead of the 2021 season.

BGWFans (@BGWFans) posted about the news on Twitter, commenting that “issues continue to plague the attraction” and that Roman Rapids’ previously announced 2022 reopening was highly unlikely to occur.

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BGWFans also commented there is a chance that this prolonged closure may open the door to a significant refurbishment, providing a much-needed update to this 1988 attraction. However, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has not released any official information regarding Roman Rapids’ reopening schedule or any future plans for this beloved attraction.

It is worth pointing out that, while broken down attractions seem to be a growing problem in the theme park industry, especially since the Parks were forced to close their gates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most theme parks are constantly working hard to ensure the proper operation of their attractions to provide Guests with the best experience during their visit. This includes constant efforts from the different teams at Busch Gardens Williamsburg to reopen this popular attraction.

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More on Roman Rapids at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Roman Rapids is a moderate thrill level water ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The Parks official website currently states that the attraction is “temporarily closed” but gives no further information regarding its status.

busch gardens va Roman-Rapids-Water-Adventure
Credit: Busch Gardens

The Busch Gardens’ website describes Roman Rapids as follows:

A Family-Fun Water Ride

All aboard! This white-water rafting ride takes you through twists and turns!

Climb aboard this raft for six for a white-water rafting adventure. You’ll feel as if you’ve boarded a water chariot, racing along currents.

Dodge drenching waterfalls, spin through twists and turns, and come out on the other side with a whole new definition of the words “Roman bath.”

More on Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, in Virginia, is an incredibly popular theme Park that welcomes thousands of locals and tourists annually. Home to attractions like Apollo’s Chariot, Verbolten, Invadr, Griffon, Tempesto, The Lock Ness Monster, and Escape From Pompeii, Busch Gardens Virginia packs thrills and joy for the whole family to enjoy! And let’s not forget Pantheon, the Park’s newest coaster.

Credit: Busch Gardens

Per Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s website:

Thrills and nature intersect at our park and provide a hidden adventure for all ages.

Busch Gardens ® in Williamsburg, Virginia is the world’s most beautiful theme park, as voted year after year since 1990. Our theme is classic Europe with artfully landscaped villages, like the Parisian streets of France, the hamlets of Scotland and the Oktoberfest celebrations of Germany. In all, we have nine villages centered around six countries for you to explore.

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