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  1. Chris

    Hey I work in the warehouse at Busch Gardens Williamsburg don’t waste your time coming here corporate is ruining this place one day and one person at a time

    1. SDM

      My dad worked there in rides maintenance for over 40 years. And you are right the place is being run into ground. Just not the same. My father dedicated nearly his whole working life to that place. Sad to see the difference in it in just over the past 5 years.

  2. Rebecca Dyson

    I live locally and I have been coming here and purchasing annual passes forever and it has been such a disappointment since Anheiser Busch sold it. It has declined ever since. I won’t purchase a season pass without Roman Rapids. Also alot of the attractions and shops aren’t open as well. Sure Pray they are still providing top notch care for the animals??

  3. Cindi

    I recently visited Busch Gardens all the way from Spokane Wa with my daughter and granddaughters. We had a great time but we’re unable to use our dinner vouchers purchased with our 3 day bounce passes. Restaurants closed early due to lack of staff. Refunds were requested during our last day of our visit in May 2022 and we have yet to get a response from management. Also several employees at Busch Gardens requested cash payments rather than my credit card I think they’re pocketing money. One employee told us they get cash bonuses for signing on and then quit as soon as the cash bonuses paid that wasn’t a very smart move for a business that’s so seasonal

  4. Stephanie

    My family and I bought annual 11 park passes only to find out that they have closed our favorite rides! Dark kastle, The Battle of Eirie, and now Roman Rapids! Very very very disappointing! I don’t care if they open new roller coasters or that they are the cleanest theme park in the world. That doesn’t make up for the fact that some of us don’t like ONLY roller coasters. I really miss the old Busch Gardens and DEFINITELY won’t be buying annual passes ever again.

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