Guests Get Rare Look at Universal Orlando Ride With Lights On

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Two photos of the interior of Men in Black lit up. A shocked emoji is added to the photos.

Sometimes, a ride breakdown is a blessing in disguise! Guests onboard Universal Orlando’s MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack got an insider look at the ride’s detailed set with the lights on.

u/aldoditt shared seven photos of MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, which opened in 2000 and is based on Men in Black (1997), starring Will Smith as Agent J (Jay) and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K (Kay).

Men in Black set showing a sci-fi theatre and hot dog cart.
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

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This first photo shows the detail of the “Millenium Multiplex” theater and a New York City hot dog cart.

A closer look at the Milenium Multiplex and some ride vehicles.
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

The next photo provides a closer look at the movie theater advertising a Classic Sci-Fi Film Festival. More of the ride track and ride vehicles carrying other Universal Orlando Guests are visible.

A look down a fake New York City street at Men in Black ride vehicles.
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

This similar picture provides a better look at the bottom of the ride vehicles and the usually hidden ceiling.

An alien standing in front of a news stand.
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

This photo shows an armored alien, one of the hundreds created for MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, standing in front of a New York City newsstand and a few billboards. The newspapers all contain stories about aliens invading New York, keeping on theme with the ride.

A look down a cardboard NYC street.
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

The following picture gives some insight into the way Universal Orlando makes MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack look bigger than it is! Despite the buildings and concrete just being set pieces, the forced perspective makes it appear that Guests are looking down a real New York City street.

A digital billboard that reads "HOSTILE ALIEN ALERT"
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

This picture shows one of the ride’s screens still working despite the breakdown, warning riders of a “HOSTILE ALIEN ALERT” in Manhattan.

A giant alien with pointy claws and green glowing eyes peers around the corner at Guests.
Credit: Reddit user u/aldoditt

The Universal Studios Florida Guest saved the best photo for last: a close-up look as a terrifying alien peers around the corner of a candy store at Guests trapped in their MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack ride vehicle.

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Men in Black Alien Attack queue
Credit: Universal Studios Orlando

Save New York City from an alien invasion! This motion simulation ride at Universal Studios Florida has a 42-inch height requirement. From Universal Orlando: 

Wipe Out the Scum of the Universe.

New York has been hit by an epidemic of aliens and it’s up to you, Agent Trainee, to blast them into oblivion. Use your laser gun to zap those little suckers and rack up points before they zap back at you, sending your car spinning out of control. With the fate of the Earth in your hands, you’ll become a full-fledged MEN IN BLACK™ agent.

So Many Species, So Little Time

You’ll encounter 120 different kinds of aliens, many created specifically for this ride.

No Déjà Vu for You

With multiple endings possible, it’s never the same ride twice.

Have you ever been on a Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure attraction with the lights on? 

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