Parent Upset After Rapunzel Seemingly Ignores Black Children at Disney

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If you were not aware, Sesame Place, a children’s theme park owned by SeaWorld, has been embroiled in controversy the past few weeks after multiple examples of “racism” were exposed online. The controversy started with Sesame Place in Pennsylvania, in which two small black children were seemingly ignored by a character.

Character interactions at Sesame Place
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The Park came under fire recently for hidden price increases and now finds itself at the center of an even more pressing controversy and media firestorm. As stated earlier, a concerned mother shared a video of her two daughters watching a parade at Sesame Place, eagerly hoping to get a hug from the Rosita character.

This is not what happened however as the two children were quickly turned down, almost as if they were invisible or purposefully ignored. This sparked instant backlash online in spaces like Twitter, with hundreds of users calling the encounter an example of racism. Sesame Place issued a statement and an apology, but many weren’t sure what was said made up for the unfortunate situation.

Mickey and Friends
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Unfortunately, a similar situation unfolded at Disneyland recently, again involving two black children waiting to see a character only to be seemingly ignored. The video was shared on Instagram by @lo.ondabluff with the caption:

Please repost this racist a** s***  kids shouldn’t have to go thru this in 2022 our money spends kust like there’s just for them to treat our kids like they don’t belong

In the video, the family approaches a Rapunzel meet-and-greet at the Park. When they approach the character, a few families are already waiting to get autographs and photos with the Disney princess. One of the adults in the group asks a Cast Member if there is a line for the character, to which they respond, “We don’t really have a line, we’re just walking around.”

rapunzel fairy tale hall
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After this, the family waits their turn to meet Rapunzel. However, Rapunzel starts walking away as soon as they start waiting to meet her. The Guests then follow the character, along with the Cast Member, and continue to ask them why they are walking away, telling them they also want to meet her.

The adult compares the encounter to the Sesame Place incident and expresses their disappointment about the situation as they continue to track down Rapunzel. Throughout the video, the children can be heard pleading with rapunzel to come back and that she missed them.

Flynn and Rapunzel in 'Tangled'
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A few minutes in, Rapunzel stops and greets other kids indicating she is not done walking around. This is where the video ends. The video was posted yesterday, and as of now, no action has been taken.

Disney has not made any public statements regarding the incident at this time.

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