Fans Say Disney World Needs to Build a Villains-Themed Resort

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Walt Disney World is home to 32 unique Resort hotels. From campgrounds to luxury villas, there’s something for everyone at Walt Disney World Resort!

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However, Walt Disney World boasts 27,000 acres of land, meaning fans are always wondering what the next addition to the Resort will be. Last week, fans on Reddit discussed the possibility of a Disney Villains-inspired Resort hotel.

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u/1Riot1Ranger started the conversation, suggesting a layout similar to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. “Each section can be based on different era’s of bad guys,” they wrote.

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One of the most popular ideas was from Reddit user u/kywiking, who suggested a lounge themed after The Lion King (1994):

Have a hidden bar called The Lions Den and make it Scar themed with zebra seats and green lights. You are welcome Disney.

u/MONSTAR949 suggested a Sleeping Beauty (1959) “Maleficent Manor,” while u/SquidgeSquadge recommended “Hell Hall,” Cruella De Vil’s lair from One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961).

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Many fans, unfortunately, feel that Walt Disney World isn’t willing to invest in such a large Disney Villains-themed project at this point. u/Andrew_Korenchkin said they would have “Disney Expectations” for the project and didn’t think The Walt Disney Company is currently capable of such an undertaking:

But seriously, it depends on the budget, but if they’re building a resort like this I’d expect basically the line between the Galactic Starcruiser and something a little less enclosed and self-contained as an experience. You won’t be getting a massively overpriced experience where everything is controlled, but you aren’t getting some tacky “theme” like, oh, every hotel they’ve built since Disney went downhill for whomever.

I can imagine though, them cutting corners and making many aspects of the experience poorly thought out.

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u/VincentStonecliff recommended saving money by retheming one of the three Disney All-Star Resorts (Movies, Music, or Sports) to “Villains” rather than building a new Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

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Another Walt Disney World Resort fan, u/ijswijsw, pointed out that Disney is currently building a Villains-themed Disney Vacation Club lounge:

They’re adding a DVC exclusive villains themed lounge, I believe, and I have to imagine that’ll be the biggest investment we see in villains for a while. Unless the lounge is insanely successful, but the exclusivity of it doesn’t help. 

Disney Villains After Hours
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u/Euchre noted that the concept of the “Disney Villain” is fading, and they expect to see less representation at the Disney Parks as time goes on:

The concept of ‘the villain’ is fading at Disney. If you hadn’t noticed, a few films have had no actual villain, just a problem or misunderstanding, or something like personal change and growth to turn the antagonist into a protagonist. Look at Onward, Encanto, and Turning Red – there’s not really a villain in the form of a character. Even villains of the past are being put into perspectives of victims of trauma or simply misunderstood. Cruella? Maleficent? Both now being shown as if they really weren’t innately bad, and were pushed into becoming villains by circumstances.

The age of the outright villain as a character in Disney storytelling is going away. That would mean a ‘villain’ park would be losing meaning and stagnating fast.

Lady Tremaine, Disney Villains After Hours
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Would you like to see a Villains Resort hotel at Walt Disney World? Share your best idea in the comments! 

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