Historic Disney Attraction Gets Major Makeover in New Update

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carousel of progress

Credit: Disney

Guests have noticed that Disney recently made some big changes to a legendary ride which can be found at the Magic Kingdom.

tomorrowland speedway
Credit: D23

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Though Magic Kingdom features many lands such as Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Frontierland, none of them compare to the futuristic vision that Tomorrowland provides. Here, Guests will find attractions like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, the PeopleMover as well as the iconic Space Mountain.

However, one of the most historic Disney attractions can also be found here, called Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. Guests are able to enter the rotating theater and follow an American family over four generations of progress and watch technology transform their lives.

Guests have noticed that one scene, in particular, has changed. See photos of these new changes in tweets from Ivonne (@servoisnaked):

I’m glad the Carousel of Progress family finally did their laundry because who knew Patricia had this amazing hoodie?

Better photo of the shoes and other details

Grandma’s new outfit is more Dorothy than Sophia now

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Fans have been asking Disney to update this final scene for years so we are definitely excited to see it be given some attention.

More on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

From the Gramophone to the Smartphone

Follow an American family over 4 generations of progress and watch technology transform their lives.

During each era, learn how the technological marvels of the day made life more comfortable—and paved the way for unimaginable innovations.

Discover how gas lamps, the hand-cranked washing machine and gramophone made the pre-electric era a breeze.

Watch the advent of electricity give rise to modern conveniences like the electric iron, the radio—and the simple, revolutionary light bulb.

See how the automatic dishwasher and television set transformed the American household.

Today’s high-tech marvels include virtual-reality games, high-definition televisions and voice-activated household appliances. Imagine the wonders the next hundred years may bring!

A “Revolution”ary Theatrical Experience

Presented inside a revolving theater, the show includes an innovative audience seating area that moves around a stationary central stage for each act.
What’s your favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom?

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