VIDEO: Disneyland Cast Member Physically Pushes Broken Down Space Mountain Car Through Ride

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Left: Smiling Guests ride Space Mountain in a promotional photo from Disney. Right: Disneyland cast member pushes a Space Mountain ride vehicle with the lights on. One Guest has his hands up.

Even at the Happiest Place on Earth, things don’t always go as planned. That doesn’t stop Cast Members and Guests from making magical memories!

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In Disneyland’s Tomorrowland this week, Space Mountain, currently overlayed as the beloved Star Wars-inspired Hyperspace Mountain, broke down mid-ride. The lights in the dark ride came on, a coveted experience for many Disney Parks fans.

hyperspace mountain
Credit: Disney

Reddit user u/AndyWarwheels shared a 52-second video from their ride. Their space vehicle was temporarily stopped mid-ride. A Space Mountain Cast Member grabs the car tightly and physically forces it down the tracks, running along with the Guests until the ride vehicle can propel itself.

If you get stuck on Space Mountain they push your car back to the station. from Disneyland

The Guests ride a silent Space Mountain for less than a minute before reaching the loading era, going through the attraction’s iconic tunnel, which is a plain back instead of glimmering with colored lights. The Guests even got photographed. (Though, the Guest said Disneyland did not provide them with that ride photo.)

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Space Mountain at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

The Guest reported that the ride went slower than usual because it was propelled by human speed instead of electricity. However, they still felt “very lucky” to have this rare experience on Space Mountain, especially with the lights on.

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This Disneyland Cast Member made a magical memory these Disney Park Guests will never forget!

More on Space Mountain

Space Mountain Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Space Mountain is a classic attraction at Disneyland Resort, opening in 1977. From Disney:

Race through the cosmos in the dark to the edge of the galaxy and back on a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

All Systems Go

Navigate through a vast futuristic space station as you make your way to Mission Control. Board a sleek flight vehicle and prepare yourself for a high-flying adventure to the furthest reaches of space.

Ascend slowly through a swirling solar field as your rocket powers up. Plunge through a spectacular spiral nebula and then, when the countdown ends—hang on tight! 

As you hurtle forward into infinite darkness, your rocket darts and twists in the void, speeding faster and faster. Feel the g-force as you careen into the unknown!

Immersive sound effects and evocative music add to the intense sensory experience. 

Brave the most epic journey of your Earthbound life and accept your mission—to conquer Space Mountain.

Hyperspace Mountain

Tomorrowland entrance reimagining at disneyland
Credit: Inside the Magic

Hyperspace Mountain is a Star Wars overlay only done in the United States at Disneyland Resort – Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain is not as lucky! From Disney:

Hurtle through hyperspace while dodging furious dogfights during this high-speed Star Wars adventure—opens April 29!

Rocket Right onto the Battlefield

Fend off crossfire from swarms of Rebel X-wing starfighters and Imperial TIE fighters amidst an intergalactic onslaught!

Your mission begins with a briefing from Admiral Ackbar—the Rebel Alliance needs help flying reconnaissance vessels to survey an Imperial Star Destroyer. After being escorted into hyperspace by an elite X-wing squadron, you arrive only to find the Star Destroyer waiting with a swarm of TIE fighters—it’s a trap!

As Rebel forces valiantly battle Imperial vessels, you’re caught up in a barrage of blaster fire. Maneuvers become more intense as you join the Rebel squadron for one final, courageous assault on the menacing Star Destroyer. It’s an epic Star Wars combat scene taken straight from the films—but hurry, Hyperspace Mountain is only open for a limited time!

Have you ever ridden Space Mountain with the lights on? 



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