Disney Park Modifies Entertainment Offerings to Beat the Summer Heat

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With the summer crowds arriving at Disney Parks worldwide and the temperatures continuously rising, Hong Kong Disneyland decided to modify some of the Park’s daytime entertainment offerings, providing a fun and exciting way for Guests to cool down during their visit.

HKDL Fantasy (@hkdlfantasy) shared that an updated summer version of the show “Follow Your Dreams” is now playing at Hong Kong Disneyland, splashing Guests to help them beat the summer heat.

“Follow Your Dreams” Summer Version has arrived, the show now splashes water to help you beat the summer heat!

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They also shared a video of this updated show on their YouTube channel. You can click here to see the video.

Enjoy “Follow Your Dreams Celebration Moment” Summer Splash Version on our YouTube channel!

Link: https://youtu.be/_LUgGFL9Ygk

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The official Hong Kong Disneyland website describes this summer daytime spectacular as follows:

As the summer sun shines down on the castle and majestic water fountains rise to the sky, come enjoy an even wetter and wilder “Follow Your Dreams” castle show.

Embrace the Power of Dreams

With the magnificent new castle as the backdrop, this 20-minute dazzling delight features an original theme song and a number of classic Disney tunes with contemporary arrangements. Mickey Mouse and friends will take the stage, accompanied by singers and dancers, magnificent large-scale props, and effects such as fog jets, bubbles, and sparkulars. What’s more, this refreshing summer show features even more water elements in the opening number, celebration suite, and the grand finale, which bring an added cool factor. So “Follow Your Dreams” and embrace even brighter smiles this summer.

Follow Your Dreams at hong kong disneyland
Credit: Disney

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With temperatures forecasted to be in the high eighties this week, this updated show will provide a much-needed way to cool down while enjoying Mickey Mouse’s and friends’ company.

Recently, the Park also saw the surprise return of the Pixar Water Play Street Party!, a parade with Guests’ favorite Pixar characters waving and dancing as the floats spray refreshing mist down Main Street, U.S.A.

Pixar Water Play Street Party! at hong kong disneyland
Credit: Disney

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The official Hong Kong Disneyland website describes this parade as follows:

Make the most of the summer sun-and fun-with favorite Pixar Pals as you participate in the much-loved “Pixar Water Play Street Party!”

Wave and dance with Pixar Pals

Join our magical lineup in this water-filled celebration featuring Woody, Bo Peep, and Jessie from “Toy Story”, Joy and Sadness from “Inside Out”, Carl and Russell from “Up”, and Ian and Barley Lightfoot from “Onward”. Wave and dance in the summer sun as Pixar Pals on floats spray refreshing water and mist while you party down Main Street, U.S.A.!
Toy Soldier Boot Camp at hong kong disneyland
Credit: Disney

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And for Guests looking for a way to cool down while they have fun exploring Toy Story Land, the Toy Soldier Boot Camp show is now training new recruits in a series of soakingly-good tasks. This activity is described by the Park’s website as follows:

New recruits, suit up in your water wear and fall in! We have a spectacular summer surprise challenge for you. All new recruits will be trained by Toy Soldiers equipped with water guns and asked to perform a series of soakingly-good tasks. Don’t forget to have fun and be sure to salute when you see the Sarge!

These updated summer shows are the perfect way for Guests to take a break and cool down while they enjoy everything there is to see and do at Hong Kong Disneyland!

Would you like to see similar changes at Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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