Iconic Disneyland Ride Now Running Hours Before Reopening

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Jack Sparrow animatronic looking at a woman animatronic.

Credit: Disney

As one legendary attraction is headed for its reopening, some are wondering if it will hit or miss the mark.

pirates of the caribbean
Credit: Disney

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If you have visited Disneyland recently, you will surely have noticed that Pirates of the Caribbean is closed. The ride is set to reopen tomorrow, July 1, and we are super excited. However, Guests in the Park today have seen crews are still hard at work. Some shared updates on Twitter.

Wonders of Magic (@wondersofmagic) tweeted:

Lots of people wondering if pirates of the Caribbean will possibly have a soft opening today that is definitely not happening with these walls still up!

Disney content creator Fresh Baked! (@FrshBakedDisney) said:

So they’re taking this Pirates reopening right up to the bell it would seem. Are we ready for tomorrow?

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In response to this tweet, Robert Mahler (@RobertMahler20) revealed that the ride is actually up and running right now!

Can confirm that they are testing – from inside blue bayou

While we have certainly missed this iconic attraction during its lengthy refurbishment, there is light at the end of the tunnel (or ride). Pirates of the Caribbean is set to finally reopen at the Disneyland Resort on July 1.

We aren’t sure exactly what was worked on or changed during the refurbishment but we couldn’t be more excited to see the ride finally return.

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Navigate cannon fire between a fort and a 12-gun galleon. Glide into port and behold brazen buccaneers drunk on pillaged plunder. Skulk past the well-armed lass who commands a colorful auction of villagers’ goods. 

Sing along as sea roving scalawags serenade you with their classic shanty, “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me).” Witness flames engulf the town and pass prisoners trapped in their jail cell, doggedly trying to escape. 

Keep a spry eye out for sly Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbeanfilm series, as he schemes to get his hands on the spoils. 

If ye be seekin’ adventure, ay—you’ve come to the proper place!

Are you hoping to ride Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow?

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