Disney Has a Bathroom Problem Says Guests, “It’s Disgusting”

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While the Disney Parks are often complimented for their upkeep, sometimes things slip through the cracks. During the last few years, we have seen the quality of certain aspects of the Walt Disney World decline, mostly because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

One aspect that may have not gotten back on track yet is the issue of cleanliness, specifically in the bathrooms.

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A post on social media recently sparked a discussion about Disney World and the cleanliness of its bathrooms. The full post read:

Rant: WDW had the nastiest bathrooms this week that I’ve ever encountered in all my years of going to the parks.

The responses to this post also shed light on this issue. One user said, “I’ve been here for over a week now and it’s very hit or miss. Many of the women’s restrooms have lacked attendants and been awful. Those that had them were mostly super clean. I suspect the issue is just staffing, like with so many other things. Like newer ones have looked great…back of the Hollywood and Vine not so much.

Another said, “This is funny to me. August of last year, the Tomorrowland bathrooms and Splash bathrooms were absolutely so smelly even from the outside. I was very happy on Sunday when neither were as disgusting as they were last summer. That being said, what’s with the plastic peeling off the toilet seats? Loosen the purse strings a little and at least give us some new toilet seats, Chapek.”

magic kingdom crowd levels memorial day weekend
Credit: Inside the Magic

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One user stated, “We have been annual passholders at Disneyland for years, living in California and all, the park is always clean, restrooms included. We took our first trip to WDW a few months ago and were disgusted with quite a few of the bathrooms, like knock ya back with the smell. It was pretty mindblowing. When people asked us what the biggest difference between the two, we all said the cleanliness and bathroom stank.”

This issue wasn’t exclusive to the Magic Kingdom, with one commenter saying, “I was there this weekend and every toilet I went to in MK and Epcot REEKED. To be fair, I ended up on the popular bathrooms because the person I was with was about effective time and I kept saying “yea but I don’t like that one”.”

Another user said that the bathrooms in Galaxy’s Edge made them “want to gag”.

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It is important to remember that while it’s Cast Members’ job to keep the Park clean, it is also up to Guests to keep it that way. Guests should always dispose of trash in trash cans and make sure that they leave whatever building they were in as they found it.

Hopefully, these issues aren’t persistent and Disney can keep their bathrooms under control. Usually, the Disney Parks are very clean but with COVID-19 as well as seemingly unstoppable crowds, it may be harder to keep trash from building up.

Have you noticed dirty bathrooms at Disney World?

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