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Disney Enchantment fireworks

Credit: Disney


  1. Lynn Selmser

    Lately I have used a wheelchair at disney. There are very limited viewing areas for wheelchairs. Our group will search for places to watch and have a decent view only to have people push in front of us. This has been happening a long time — when we took my mother and mother in law. Can’t disney expand handicapped viewing or people be more considerate.

  2. Not fireworks but a parade. Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween.. we waited for the parade.. as the parade started a lady came in front of me and SAT on my feet.. not for long.. some one behind my guy thought it would be ok to put her tablet IN FRONT OF HIS FACE to record the whole thing. In front of his face. No common sense!! No common manners at all!!!!

  3. D Whit

    We recently went to watch the fireworks at Epcot, we got there an hour and a half early..we had a great spot, or so we thought,
    Everyone in front of us was sitting down,…when the fireworks started everyone in front of us stood up. Who knew? The lesson we learned from this experience, stand at the rail for the entire time.

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