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A recent visit to Walt Disney World Resort resulted in a child being bitten by a snake.

A trip to a Disney Park– whether it be Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or EPCOT– can be a magical experience.

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However, there is a reality that even though encounters are rare, the Disney Parks are still subject to wildlife passing through or even living there. This includes alligators and snakes.

This reality quickly turned into a moment that one family will never forget when they were visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently.

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In a Reddit thread talking about “once-in-a-lifetime experiences” at Walt Disney World Resort, a Guest shared that their 12-year-old daughter suffered a snake bite while walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently.

“It just happened to dart out of some bushes along a pathway we were walking (near Dinoland) and she stepped on it before we realized it was there,” User U/Nerrisa91 said.

Following the incident, the Disney Cast Members called paramedics to assess and treat the wound. Luckily, the snake was non-venomous and the young Disney Park Guest was okay.

“They called the paramedics and had them clean it,” the Guest said. “And gave us some water… Everyone was very nice and concerned-luckily it was non-venomous and she was fine.

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While these incidents are extremely rare, encounters with wildlife– including snakes– do happen at Disney World.

In 2016, a family sued Disney World after a snake allegedly fell from a tree and onto an elderly woman. She suffered a fatal heart attack and the son was bitten. On a more light-hearted note, a Disney Cast Member reported spotting a 10-foot snake sneaking through a line of more than 200 Disney Park Guests and no one noticed. Just recently, a video went viral of a Disney Cast Member wrangling a snake at Magic Kingdom, you can see that here.

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