Thor and Loki Headline Spectacular Non-Disney Theme Park Expansion

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Vikings expansion at drayton manor

Credit: Drayton Manor

Guests better be ready to meet Thor and Loki like they never have before, as the mighty gods of Asgard make their way into a whole new land of discovery in a jaw-dropping theme Park expansion. Drayton Manor (@DraytonManor) recently announced the opening of their latest expansion, Vikings. Guests will be able to enjoy this all-new land filled with exhilarating rides and attractions inspired by Norse gods and legends when it opens its gates on May 28th.

Vikings expansion at drayton manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

Vikings. A whole new land of discovery. Opening 28th May 

Experience 4 new rides – Thor, Loki, Sleipnir and Jormungandr 


The land will be home to 4 exciting attractions and a Viking-themed restaurant, Walhalla, which will serve feasts worthy of the gods, including BBQ pulled pork, an array of jacket potatoes and chipotle, and peri peri and maple & bourbon chicken wings. Guests will also be able to enjoy ten brand-new Vikings-themed rooms at the theme Park’s onsite 4-star hotel, featuring Nordic-inspired furnishings and traditional wooden paneling embellished with shields and paintings of Viking voyages.

Viking themed room at drayton manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

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One of the most anticipated attractions of this new land is Thor. The eagerly awaited Disk’O Coaster is a brand-new, vibrantly colored family thrill ride named after the infamous god of thunder. It will send Guests spinning on a giant wheel across a coaster track for the ultimate weightless sensation.

Thor at drayton manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

And, of course, Thor must be joined by his mischievous brother Loki. Loki will be the first Zamperla Nebulaz attraction in the United Kingdom, consisting of eight gondolas and four arms rotating in a fast-intermeshing orbit. It will send passengers soaring to new heights, offering a genuinely hypnotic experience from the sky and ground.

Loki at drayton manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

When visiting Vikings, younger Guests will also be able to experience Sleipnir, a ride that will take them through the Park’s brand-new training school, where they will learn how to ride the ancient mythical horse.

Jormungandr at drayton manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

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And to top the experience, Jormungandr will take the whole family on an epic voyage through Vikings, providing a breathtaking view of the land and its nearby lake as Guests experience this friendly mini coaster.

More on Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor Resort is home to a theme Park with over 100 rides and attractions, including plenty of family fun rides, Europe’s only Thomas Land, a 15-acre zoo, and a 4-star onsite hotel. All are situated on the grounds of the former Manor house based in Staffordshire, England.

Accelerator at drayton manor
Credit: Drayton Manor

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At Drayton Manor’s theme Park, Guests can have a fun-filled day with family- favorite attractions such as The Bounty Pirate Ship, The Carousel, or Accelerator. Over at Adventure Cove, a nautical-themed land within the Park, they can experience a spin on Maelstrom and Air Race, feel the full throttle of Shockwave, the only stand-up roller coaster in the United Kingdom, or cool down on one of the Park’s incredible water rides – River Rapids and Stormforce 10. And at Thomas Land, Guests will be able to enjoy over 28 Thomas & Friends themed rides and attractions.

drayton manor zoo
Credit: Drayton Manor

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Drayton Manor also houses a 15-acre conservation zoo with dozens of animals from across the world that will surely captivate Guests with their astounding variety. The Park also provides a range of educational talks, workshops, events, and activity days for all student levels. Whether you want to learn more about dinosaurs, animal habits, the science around rollercoasters, or even how to run and market a business.

drayton manor hotel
Credit: Drayton Manor

The Resort also has a modern and spacious onsite 4-star hotel. Drayton Manor Hotel consists of 150 bedrooms and features Executive rooms, Presidential Suites, 15 Thomas & Friends rooms, and two bars and two restaurants for the whole family to enjoy.

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